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Happy Fall! I am super excited for this post to show off some new and fun products to try. Remember, the holidays are around the corner and these would make great gifts too!

Back to the Roots

I have the perfect window ledge where I keep small plants and I am thrilled that I can now say I grow herbs and small tomatoes there too. Wait! I mean the kids think it is THIER plants and THEY are growing food in the house. Yes that is right. 🙂

The whole family will love watching the plants grow right before their eyes and then using them to make dinner. What a fabulous experience! In the picture above you can see the Kitchen Herb Garden and Cherry Tomato Planter. Check out their website for more fun things to grow.

Capresso Iced Tea Maker

Hubby has become a huge iced tea drinker. As a former soda pop addict, tea has become his refuge instead. He loves making tea creations in his new machine. The package includes yummy recipes.

After the tea quickly brews, keep the pitcher in your fridge so it stays cold for whenever you want a glass. You can brew iced coffee too.  It is really fun and easy to impress your guests!

Zoku Ice Pop Molds

The kids love these! Insert fruit juice, fruit puree, even leftover smoothies and freeze into a popsicle. Our favorite way is to cut up whatever fresh fruit we have that week – berries, kiwi, bananas, peach – add it to the pop mold with whatever fruit juice we have. This week it is blueberries with peach juice. So Yum!

Zoku has many cute ice pop molds in all shapes!


Bookmark this site now…they are the perfect stocking stuffer or new gift idea for the kids. Chocolate eggs, Chocolate bites, and Gummies. They might be at your local Walmart too!

Chocolate + Surprises = Helping Endangered Animals

Each chocolate is shaped like a Yowie character. Inside each delicious treat is a limited-edition collectible animal and a full color leaflet to encourage you to talk to your children about the animal they found inside.  P’Diddy has named all the animals he has found and carries them around. Let’s start ecological conservation early!


I’ve talked a lot about water conversation on this blog over the years and how to only drink good filtered water too. PATHWATER is the first-ever reusable bottled water. In fact, San Fransisco airport will be zero waste by the year 2021 and you can buy PATHWATER in every shop with over 100 refillable water stations throughout the airport. Pretty cool if you ask me.

The water is sustainably sourced and is ultra-purified in a 7-step Reverse Osmosis process that leaves water free from any impurities. The aluminum bottle keeps your drink colder than a regular plastic one would, and you can reuse it indefinitely. When it is time to throw away, it is fully recyclable. Even the cap.

Green City Living

The new EcoBagIt! Reusable Bag with zipper is the newest product you’ll find in my favorite green shop. Don’t pack the school and work lunches without one! They are awesome. Put in sandwiches, chips, crackers, even fruits can easily be wiped clean. You will not need ziploc bags any longer. Cute, cute, cute patterns on both the inside and out!

Read my guest post on these new eco bags HERE.

You’ve heard me say this before, but this small, local, handmade store is FULL of ideas and products to keep your family eco-friendly.


I can’t wait to hear what you have planned this Fall!

WIN all the products you see here!! (approx. $200!)

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