Etsy’s Brandy Fisher Upcycled Items Giveaway

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Wait until you hear about all the fun & unique items Brandy creates in her Etsy store!
Jewelry, Paper Goods, Ornaments, & Hair Clips & More! All made from vintage jewels and repurposed materials.
Brandy Fisher is exactly what upcycling is all about – preventing the waste of useful materials by making new ones. Reducing the use of raw materials results in the reduction of energy usage, air & water pollution, and even greenhouse emissions.
Let’s start off with these earrings because they have a story behind them and we like a good story right?

“These upcycled brass stars are actually what was left from brass sheet metal after industrial metal punches cut out kick plates for the doors in a hospital in the 1980s. My dad was working at the metal fabrication shop at the time and saved them for my mom who in turn made Christmas ornaments from them. After nearly 25 years of saving them she gave them to me!”
Want to see more jewelry? Check out this fabulous necklace…

 The gold colored connectors and turquoise and orange acrylic beads are from a vintage necklace from the early 1970s. The papier mache rings were handmade from recycled cardboard tubes and tissue paper. How unique is this?

Do you like to dress up your packages? Check out her gift tags…

Made using repurposed taupe paper from an old scrapbook, upcycled BINGO card paper and natural cotton cord. FUN!

I asked her how she finds her materials…

“Many of the supplies I use are things we use in our family (yogurt containers, greeting cards, paper, cardboard tubes). Some of the vintage beads are from old jewelry my grandmother gave me most of which was broken or needed a new clasp. I buy some vintage supplies on as well.”

Do you want to hear another cool story?

“Handmade necklace created with upcycled brick red ceramic radio washers from the 1940s and recycled ball chain. The chain is not ordinary jewelry chain. It is actually a part from a factory machine that molds rubber. My parents saved a bag full from the dumpster and gave them to me to recycle and reuse.”
Wouldn’t you like to see Brandy’s workroom? 🙂
Do you want to see what she sent me?

Plastic cobalt blue vintage Bingo markers were upcycled into bobby pins! I love them!!
They are wonderful conversation pieces!
How do you come up with ideas?

“I look at what I have and try to come up with ideas. Sometimes an idea comes instantly and other times it takes months. I have some vintage beads that I love but still have not come up with the perfect project for them. Sometimes I will browse to see what others are doing and try to fill a niche that no one else has.

And she is a Crunchy Mama to an almost two year old ~ “I breastfed and used cloth diapers with my daughter.  We were never able to co-sleep with her, she sleeps better in her own room and bed.  We started growing some of our own food and try to buy produce that is in season.  We have been avid recyclers for years.”

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