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Etsy’s A Slice of Delight Soap

I know you’ve probably owned soap that smells so good that you could eat it but what about soap that also looks so good you could eat it too?!

Introducing A Slice of Delight!

Chocolate Covered Cherries

 My name is Hilary and in 2009 I became an “Accidental Entrepreneur”. After 25 years, I transitioned out of my high technology profession into a new and exciting world of soap crafting. I’ve always been a creative individual with very limited time to exercise my passion and now my creative juices have been unleashed.  My household fan club consists of my husband and identical twin boys who are rooting for me all the way to the bathtub or kitchen sink (where they can always find A Slice of Delight soap)

I can not remember the last time I bought a bar of soap from the store. I always buy homemade and that is why I was Delighted (get it? ha!) to find Hilary’s shop on Etsy. Just looking at the pictures of her soap makes you want to push the Add to Cart button.

Well I did push that button over the holidays – many times. I had a nice cartload full of yummy soaps for my friends and family!

This was one I bought several of…

Land of Sweets

 How could they not like that gift huh? Oh, they loved it for sure!

Speaking of gifts. Do you know what holiday is coming up? Valentine’s Day! Hilary has a lot of great soaps in her soap perfect for this occasion.

I Heart U – Strawberries & Cream

Or as Hubby always points out to me. You always buy girl scents. Well Hilary has thought of that!

Spiced Mahogany

And Hilary is a greenie like us! She delivers local purchases on her bicycle! Love it!

We live very minimally, 4 of us in a 2 bed/1 ba house – walk, bike, bus, where ever and when ever I can leaving the car in the driveway, compost and recycle- take our bins out to the curb every Friday, fix and reuse until death do us part on anything – electrical tape is our friend – prefer the library first then 2nd hand indi book stores next, empty envelopes in the recycle bag become scrap paper to draw on or grocery lists, enjoy our local farmers market, my soap is all natural and packaged in compostable material and a small factoid — all soap scraps are either wrapped in small pieces for soap samples or  get put into a ‘confetti’ soap — so really there is no waste.

Chestnut Brown Sugar


Hilary is so great! She wanted to offer all you BeachBums a deal because she knows how much we like those!

Ok, I’ll give you a chance to WIN a bar too!

Good Luck!

I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own. 



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