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Ergo,Ergo, and more Ergo. That is what all my friends talk about. How much they llooovvee their Ergo! I needed to join the ranks and am excited for today because I get to share them with you!

ERGObaby is a family owned and operated company located on Maui, Hawaii. The ERGO Baby Carrier was initially developed out of a personal need when Karin Frost, our owner and designer, had her son in 2001 and created a carrier for him. With help and feedback from other parents, the ERGObaby design was born. Word of mouth has expanded this single carrier design into a globally recognized family of baby carriers and accessories.

I am a new(er) babywear mom and in the last year I have accumluated three different types of carriers. First was my ring sling made for me by my wonderful friend. Next, I bought myself a K’Tan because I was hearing good things about them. Third, I received a Seven Slings for easy hip wearing. Some of you reading this may have no clue what I’m saying but you experienced babywear mamas know that each of each carriers are wonderful in their own way and I love them all for different reasons! So why did I need an Ergo?

Support ~ it’s design supports a natural sitting position for babies, eliminating compression of the spine and hips that can be caused by unsupported suspension. The baby carrier also balances the baby’s weight to parents’ hips and shoulders. Support is the first thing Chiro Hubby looks at!

Weight Limit ~ Ergo recommends 40 lb weight limit but it’s been tested up to 90lbs so use it until you and your little one are ready to stop.

Back Carrying ~ Hubby will use it!

Plus we just look cute right? 🙂

Because I live in the south I chose the Performance style which is made with 1/3 lighter fabric then the other models and has a cooling panel for extra wicking, and a mesh lining. I didn’t have anything to compare it will but it was very lightweight and didn’t feel like an extra burden at all. P’Diddy fit comfortably inside and liked hanging around!

As you can see I love wearing him on my hip. Hubby put him on his back and said he could easily go for a hike!

You can check out all the different styles of carriers at ERGObaby including Organic, Sports, and the new Options which lets you easily change the look of the carrier with different fun colors!  Which one would you choose?

“There is no better feeling than holding your baby close!” ~ ERGObaby

I agree…don’t you?

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Good Luck!

ERGObaby sent me a carrier for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.