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Our first Yummy Food is for the kids! It’s a funny story how I was introduced to Ella’s Kitchen. My brother, who is not married and doesn’t have kids, called me up to tell me that I HAVE to get Ella’s Kitchen for P’Diddy and that it would be perfect for my blog. And I have to agree! He had some friends who were using it with their child and loved it.

I went online right away to check out their website. It’s a really really cool looking website! They do a fantastic job with it! I learned a little bit about how they got started.

Here we passionately believe that Ella along with the rest of her generation, should get the opportunity to eat better and healthy foods. This all came to pass when my daughter, Ella, was little and I was trying to find the perfect foods for her to eat  – healthy, delicious, and easy to pop into a backpack for our on the go lifestyle. I couldn’t find anything that fit this description, so my family and I went to work!

We believe eating can be fun, tasty, and cool for kids. We take a kid’s view when making all our products from the color, texture, and flavors.  In fact, it was a child’s idea for the smoothie names yellow one, red one, why not right? Makes sense in a kids world and that’s what we aim to do make kids feel safe to try and enjoy healthy foods in a fun way!

Fruit Smoothies! Baby Smoothies! How cool is that?

the Red One oozes goodness! Take crushed up organic strawberries, raspberries, apples and bananas add nothing else, not even water, and you get the Red One! Deeelicious!

It is delish! I tasted it! We all did actually. My older boys were jealous their baby brother was getting smoothies so I gave them a drink too! YUM! 🙂

They have another line called Taste Bud Explorers. Lots of yummy food mixed together…

P’Diddy enjoyed all his meals that Ella’s Kitchen sent us. I love it not only because it’s real organic fruits and veggies but I like the ease of it. It has a straw-like top can be poured into a bowl to spoon feed baby or it is easy to suck out the goodness straight from the pouch like a straw! And no glass jars to recycle!

The most widely known store that carries Ella’s Kitchen is Toys R Us/Babies R Us but in February you will be able to buy all the food at Target! We all love Target right? Yay! Plus Amazon!

Would you like to WIN an 8 sample pack of Ella’s Kitchen?

Good Luck!

Ella’s Kitchen  sent me 6 pouches for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own. 

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