Educational Insights Giveaway Toys

Educational Insights Toys

I am very excited to announce that I am now partnered up with a great company called Educational Insights Toys!

Based in Southern California, Educational Insights, is the manufacturer of playful products with serious educational value, including subject-specific classroom products, teacher resources, educational toys, and games. Our products are designed by seasoned educators and parents who know that, first and foremost, learning must be fun.

Every month or so I will chat about these wonderful games, experiments, & toys that definitely make learning fun!

Educational Insights Toys

I have a lot to talk about today so I’m going to group them into four different categories…

Eco-Friendly Early Elementary Games

Earth friendly games! Printed with vegetable based ink and the paper and boards are recyclable. How great!

Reading Roundup ~ Gallop around the board using the top 25 building block words. We love the cowboy-ish theme of this game! Giddy-up!

Number Hunt ~ Race through the jungle by adding up your numbers and being the first one to the end. Watch out for that alligator!


Slam It & Shout It

You have to be fast!

Math Slam ~ a timed test for you addition and subtraction skills. Can you hit the right answer? In what amount of time? Perfect for practicing those first math problems, but watch out they get harder. My boys try and out-do each other!

KaBAM! ~ I love word games and this is one for the whole family. Be the first to yell out what word you can spell with the letters placed in front you!


Let’s Write

Smencils ~ yummy smelling pencils made with 100% recycled newspapers. This was “the thing” at school last year and my boys HAD to have them! I have to admit even I like them. O’Bear loves orange while C’Man’s favorite is Black Cherry.

Smens ~ scented pens! How fun is that? Red licorice and mocha are the ones we write with the most!


Science Kid

MicroPro 48-piece Microscope Set ~ definite a favorite toy for my 9-year old. He’ll spend a large amount of time looking through his microscope and I can’t say that about a lot of activities he does. What I like about this set is that it comes with already prepared slides and blank ones to make your own!

Inside Out Lenticular Human Body Poster ~ this poster is AWESOME and Hubby keeps threatening to take it to his chiro office. It shifts from skeletal to muscular to organs. It’s really cool and HUGE!

Compost Container Three separate, aerated compartments enable kids to view the entire decomposition process clearly and make side-by-side comparisons between different materials. With our busy summer we have not experimented with his yet, but I am super excited too! I will let you know what happens in a future Educational Insights post!

Are you excited for Educational Insights Toys?

Outside Studying Nature

4 Winners! 1 for each package!

Eco-Friendly Early Elementary Games

Slam It & Shout It

Let’s Write

Science Kid


Good Luck!

Educational Insights sent me these products as a thank you for this post. All opinions my own and links may be affiliate.


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