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Ecover Natural Automatic Dishwasher Tablets ZERO

Many years ago I stopped buying ‘regular’ dishwasher detergent. They were full of gross chemicals and we were EATING off of these plates.

One day I was in a natural health food store and began chatting with the clerk about natural dish detergent. She introduced me to Ecover Natural Automatic Dishwasher Tablets. I had never ever seen something like this before and was soooo intrigued that I grabbed a box.

All you do is plop one of these little squares in the dishwasher dispenser. Easy!

I was in awe at how awesome it worked!

Recently I tested out their newer ZERO tablets and was again reminded that I should never stray far from Ecover. I thought that the detergent I was currently using worked well enough, but my dishes did not shine until now.

Here are some facts:

Personal benefits:

  • cleans and degreases effectively
  • easy dosing
  • hygienic, efficient and safe
  • no residue
  • no fragrance

Environmental benefits:

  • plant based ingredients
  • phosphate free
  • quick and complete biodegradability
  • minimum impact on aquatic life
  • not tested on animals
  • safe for septic tanks

Even the packaging is recyclable!

The box is made from 95% cardboard and the plastic that protects it from moisture damage is 100% recyclable. Very cooool!

These tablets retail at around $6-$7 a box. Amazon has 6 boxes for $23.94! I think I might grab some!

Are you using safe dishwasher detergent?


I received this for review because I am a Naturally Savvy Approved Blogger. All opinions are definitely my own.


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  • This is the one thing I haven't been able to find locally and I really DISLIKE paying shipping fees! I am on my last box of Cascade that I bought on clearance so I am going to have to look around soon for something. Ha just noticed the Finish ad on the side bar! That's what I was using before I found te Cascade on sale! LOL
  • I have been making my own dish detergent but not really liking the results. I will have to check whole foods and see if they carry them locally!
  • I've used Ecover and the tablets were great, but hard to find. I've been happy with Seventh Generation DW powder (not the gel!) as an alternative, and that's much easier to find at several stores here locally.
  • Ugh guilty of using cascade bc I often can't find anything I like locally, should check Amazon. You're so right about us eating off the plates washed with this stuff! :)
  • Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about Ecover! We're so happy you found the Dishwashing Tablets to be so convenient and effective! You've gotta love shiny dishes and glassware! Thanks again for taking the time to review our ecological cleaner. Take care! -Deb for Ecover

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