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Eco-Friendly Tops, Lids, & Covers from Rebel: T/L/C’s

What do you use to cover your bowls with no lids? Or your plate of brownies you keep on the counter? Plastic Wrap? That is what I use. Lucky for us the big name brands like Saran Wrap made the switch away from PVC a few years ago. That is why it doesn’t stick as good anymore. But it’s not recyclable and definitely not biodegradable. I know I always feel guilty for using it briefly and throwing it out and that is why I made the switch to eco-friendly tops.

But beware ~ catering companies and other manufacturers can still buy commercial-quality wraps made of PVC. That ready-wrapped sandwich from the grocery may be covered by a toxic film. Don’t buy it. Ditto the meat on a styrofoam tray.

I found an eco-friendly alternative. I’d like to introduce Kelli with Rebel: T/L/Cs. She makes Tops, Lids, & Covers and runs her store out of Hyena Cart. She is one of the crunchiest Mamas I know and I have loved chatting with her. I teased her that I could write a whole post just on her and how she incorporates being Green in her house. We’ll learn a little more about her in a bit. First, I want to show you what she sells her in her shop!

They are made from 100% cotton woven fabric & waterproof nylon

The lining is “FDA-approved food-safe polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon which is water-resistant, mildew-resistant, abrasion-resistant, rot-resistant, and is free of heavy metals, phthalates, PBBs, and PBDEs.”
Kelli has 9 different sizes for every need! She has TONS of awesome fabrics to choose from!

I ordered a Size 2 Tiny for my refried beans that I always keep in the fridge (I’m a Mexican addict) and a Size 8 that is the right fit for a dinner plate. In this photo I’m using it to keep my muffins we are going to eat in the morning. Perfect!

Do you like my fabric choice? 🙂
A stolen idea – use the Tiny to cover the rest of uneaten apple. Does that happen often in your house like it does mine?

Please read how Kelli is a Crunchy Mama…we can all learn from her…

I used cloth on both my kiddos, we bed-shared with my DD (now 8) until she was 5 and my DS (3) is still in our bed. DD was only vax’d until she was 1.5, DS has never been. We do as many home and natural remedies as possible. (DS has never been to a Dr after leaving the hospital when he was born and the rest of us haven’t been in for years and years.) We recycle/reuse all we can have replaced everything I can possibly replace in my home with crunchy alternatives. (Mama Cloth, Family Cloth, cloth shower curtain, unpaper towels, bowl covers (obviously, lol), sandwich wraps, snack bags, glass straws, stainless steel water bottles, cloth “Swiffer” dusters, cloth gift bags, cloth grocery bags, no store-bought cleaners (vinegar, baking soda, steam only), organic/natural products where and when possible, etc.)
Isn’t she fantastic?


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