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Shhhhh…this post contains everything going in P’Diddy’s Easter Basket. Don’t tell him!


This is one of the Easter Baskets we use every year. They are all the same except have a different accent color. As you can see I still need to grab some grass or other eco-friendly alternative like paper shreddies to make it cute and fun. I also picked up an Old Maid game on clearance the other day. How long has it been since you played Old Maid?

What is in this basket? VTech toys!

Starting with game cartridges for P’Diddy’s tablet, the InnoTab 3S. Come see my review! The VTech InnoTab 3S would also fit very well in a basket if you don’t have one already.


InnoTab® Disney Planes (Ages 4-7 years; Amazon $14.19)

–          Eight interactive training games on this InnoTab software teach children counting, memory, directions, logic and more. Move the tablet to tilt Dusty’s wings to select the higher number to learn math!

–          Children can also read the Planes e-book, look through the story dictionary and get creative with a fun photo activity. (Camera games compatible with all InnoTab systems with a camera.)

InnoTab  Bubble Guppies (Ages 3-6 years; Amazon $19.99)

–          Includes “Bubble Puppy” e-book with story dictionary, seven games, a photo activity, free play and collection mode! Join the Bubble Guppies as they take care of Bubble Puppy on this pet learning game!

–          Teaches creativity, color matching, counting, reading, life science, vocabulary and more. It’s pet-care discovery with the Bubble Guppies!

These games are going to be a hit!


Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Vehicles (Ages 1-5 years; Amazon $7.99-$9.99)

–          These electronic play vehicles are perfectly sized for little hands and entertain children with a light-up button that activates music and sounds.

–          Little ones will also learn about different letters and vehicle names through pretend play.

Switch & Go Dinos® Turbo (Ages 3-8 years; Amazon $8.00)

–          Kids can rev up the action with flywheels that let the dinos race and roar across the floor. Each dino also emits realistic vehicle and dinosaur sounds and phrases that teach fun facts about each dino.

–          The range features six new dinos, including Dart the Triceratops, Zipp the T-Rex, Spur the Stegosaurus, Fray the Ankylosaurus, Cruz the Spinosaurus and Spinner the Stygimoloch.

a random photo I took last week when I found him in my bed like this.
a random photo I took last week when I found him in MY bed like this.

Won’t he love them all? My game playing, car racing, dino loving boy!

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WIN all 4 VTech Toys! 

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