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Disney on Ice: World of Fantasy was great!

We had the best time at Disney on Ice last week! It was the first one we had been to in many years and all the past memories came flooding back. There are a variety of Disney on Ice shows traveling the country and the one we attended was World of Fantasy. Here a few pictures of the different stories it contained!

It can’t be a Disney show without Mickey and Minnie leading the way!

Cars was the part my family was anxious to see.  Each car is programmed with animatronics and moved and talked! So great! This was first part of the show and probably the shortest. I kept waiting for them to come back so I could see them again. I wish I could watch the whole section once more and pay even closer attention to all the detail. I was scrambling with my camera a lot! I chatted about some of their cool features in my first Disney on Ice post. Check it out!

The Little Mermaid – one of my personal Disney favorites. I know every word to every song. I was surprised and delighted that they played the whole movie in a few short scenes and songs. Even Ursula came out in all of her grander!

Having a house full of boys I don’t know the story line of Tinkerbell and the Pixie Hollow Fairies, but when Queen Clarion came out suspended from the ceiling, I knew every little girl in that place was in awe. It was very cool!

Toy Story 3 took up the whole second half of the show and it was fun to watch! All the characters trying to escape Sunnyside Daycare from the evil Lotso and the sideline story of Barbie and Ken made us all chuckle. Even the army men were there doing their duty!

As you can see we had a great time!

Visit DisneyOnIce.com to see if there is a show in your area

I was provided tickets for my review and all opinions are my own.

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