Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers Club & Murals Your Way Review ~ come see our room!

Get Outside & Get Into Nature with PBS Kid’s Emmy Nominated Dinosaur Train!

The online launch of the Nature Trackers Club has begun. Parents can download monthly nature-related activities to complete with their children, and even win prizes along the way!

Visit the club online and find tons of neat stuff, but the first thing you will want to do is download the Nature’s Tracker Guide and take your kids outside to do a little adventure of your own. Once you’ve completed these challenges, mail in the membership card to receive your special token. Fun? Yes!

My boys love challenges! We headed outside to our back woods (though I think we will do this again next time we go to the County Park) and started task #1. Tracking. What animal footprints could they find? Not only does this get them roaming around, but it leads to questions and discussions. We spent some great quality time together…learning!

There are new activities added every month for you to participate in. January was Weather Watchers and this month is Make a Terrarium.

Quiz of the day ~ What is a Terrarium? Visit Nature Trackers to find out!

 The fun doesn’t stop there. We have transformed P’Diddy’s room into the Nature Tracker Clubhouse. He is THRILLED! He has a huge mural right next to his bed with two of his favorite things ~ Dinosaurs and Trains!!

Hubby put it up when we were away and when we came home to see his wall, we all flipped! It is AWESOME!

Murals Your Way creates beautiful, full-color wall murals in 15 different Dinosaur Train varieties to help transform your child’s room! No paint, no mess, and the vinyl material won’t damage walls or peel paint!

Visit Murals Your Way to choose your favorite Dinosaur Train mural in ANY size to fit your child’s bedroom, playroom or even daycare! We chose 8′ x 6′ because I wanted it to cover most of his wall, but feel free to customize to the exact size you need. Also, you can add names! Wouldn’t your child love to see their name written in the picture?

Here is a 30% coupon ~ prices are already discounted at this link. ALL of the murals are AMAZING!  Lots of fun themes ~ I was checking out the beachy ones. Sid the Science Kid was there too!

A great gift for anyone, without adding more ‘stuff’ to your house. They will brighten up any room and put a smile on any face.

Have fun checking them all out!


I was sent this mural to show off, but not compensated in any way. All great opinions are definitely my own.

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