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Deb with Springvale Soaps

If you haven’t noticed by now…I LOVE Etsy. All these crafty people with all these wonderful items. I feel very honored that I get to know these wonderful women on a personal level as we chat back and forth. And I get double excited as I’m writing out their info and giving you a chance to win one of their products. I hope you enjoy these features as much as I do!

Today, met Deb. She is the creator of Springvale Soaps. What makes these soaps so unique is that they are made from GOAT’S MILK, and other simple, natural ingredients, using the old fashioned cold process method.

What makes goat’s milk so special I ask Deb…The pH level (acidity) of goat milk is close to that of human skin. Your skin will not suffer the abuse of harsh chemical detergents and have to readjust back to normal after bathing. There is natural exfoliation due to the alpha hydroxy acids found in goat milk. It also contains many healthy ingredients such as vitamins A, C, E, and some B vitamins, as well as amino acids, citric acid, enzymes, unsaturated fatty acids, and zinc. Quite often, people with sensitive skin or even eczema find they can use goat milk soap without irritation and may even find relief.

Deb creates MANY different scents. I couldn’t pin myself down to one so I choose the sampler pack which contains 3 different soaps. I chose Honey Almond, Mint Coffee, and I was nice and let Hubby choose one. His choice was Strawberry. Don’t those sound yummy?

My mom was in town visiting when they arrived so she was lucky enough to get to try them out with us. Her initial comment before trial were ‘They smell nice but I bet they don’t foam well.’ Boy, was she wrong! We were both pleasantly surprised at how well they lather! And it makes your skin extremely soft. I think my mom will be one of the first new customer’s Deb will have when this article goes to post!

Do you see those specks in the coffee soap? I love love them! It feels like an exfoliator with the coffee grinds! Did you know that using real coffee in there helps remove odors, like if you’ve been cooking with onion or garlic? I’m a mint girl so that was definitely my favorite of the three ~ though I use them all and love every minute of it!

I asked Deb how she got started making goat’s milk soap… I stumbled across a blog that mentioned goat milk soap and had never heard of such a thing. I ordered a bar immediately because I was so curious, and then started poking around the internet and was amazed by how many people made their own soap.
After using my newly purchased bar I was hooked. And I was so intrigued by the idea of making it that I gave it a shot and haven’t stopped since.
Now wait to hear how long it takes to make a bar of soap….I do the old fashioned cold process method, which is probably the longest. Mixing the ingredients and getting the thick soap batter doesn’t take long, but once you pour that into the molds the long part of the process begins. I usually leave mine in the molds 12-24 hours, depending how busy I am with work, etc. Once it comes out of the mold I let it sit another few days before I cut the bars. And then the bars sit on my shelves cure for a minimum of four weeks. The long the cure time, the harder and longer lasting your bars will be.

In short, if you custom ordered a bar today it would be a *minimum* of one month before it was ready to go.

Would you like to Buy a bar from Springvale Soaps? Only $3 for a 3.5oz size. Isn’t that a great price?


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