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I am jumping up and down. Why? Because I get to tell you about mama cloth!

What is mama cloth you are asking? I don’t believe I had heard the term either until I started cloth diapering. It is cloth menstrual pads. Yes, cloth pads! I know, your first reaction is to be turned off, but by the time you are done reading this post you will be hopping to try them out.

I have found the BEST of the BEST mama cloth pads and they are made by Crystal, a work at home mom to two children. How did she begin? I got started with mama cloth after my son was born in 2007. I cloth diapered both my daughter and then my son and started hearing about cloth pads. I was looking at ways to cut back our budget and was tired of spending money every month on disposable products. As soon as I tried a minkee topped pad I was in love and because I only had 3 pads total I used to wait impatiently for the dryer to be done so I could re-use them. That was when I tried my hand at making them and my business was born. Her business is called Tree Hugger and she sells out of the famous Hyena Cart.

What makes Tree Hugger pads so great?

1) They are soooo soft! Don’t you just hate those itchy plastic disposable pads? These pads have a top layer of minky and a fleece backing. COMFY!

2) They are gorgeous! You wouldn’t think to use that word for pads huh? Check out all of Crystal’s fabrics HERE. I had so much fun choosing which patterns I wanted for my stash.

3) They have snaps! Yep, no stickiness or velcro. The snaps on the wings fold back into place for a great, stay in place fit. And fold them up to stick in your purse!


4) They are EASY! Store in a wet bag (also available!) Throw in with any load of laundry. There won’t be any staining either as minky shouldn’t leave anything behind.


5) They are cost effective! Think of how much money you spend every month. These pads can be used over and over and over again for many years.

6) They are great for the environment! As cloth diaper mamas, we talk about how much disposable diapers fill the landfill but think about disposable pads? We use them for around 40 years! That is a lot of pads!

I ordered the Sampler Package to test them out. I received a light & heavy day pad, a night pad, & a panty liner. I was kind of nervous the first time I wore one. What if they leaked? What if they were terribly uncomfortable? I was pleasantly surprised! The difference in wearing a minky pad and a disposable pad is like night and day. These are so COMFORTABLE that I don’t even know I have them on! And they are very absorbent and have never had an issue of overflow. These are the ones I picked! Aren’t they cute?!


The best part? Well, I have to say comfort is the best part, but the next best thing is how much I saved for just this month. Since I only have four pads, I threw them in the laundry each night (a load of laundry is always being done at my house) and used them each about 4 times. I just saved 16 disposable pads from being thrown into the garbage and saved my pocketbook a few dollars.

Another great fact – of course they don’t contain chemicals so there is less chance of skin irritations and yeast infections.

Are you convinced yet? What are your questions? Your worries? Every woman should give these a try!

Are you ready to try SOFT, COMFY, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Mama Cloth? You should be! Crystal’s Tree Hugger’s are FANTASTIC and I guarantee that you will love them as much as I do.

I’m thrilled that Crystal is GIVING AWAY a panty liner to help get you going!

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