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Corinne with The Fresh Stitch

I love arts and craft shows. Especially ones where I knew Etsy sellers were going to be showing off their wares. This was going to be good! I dragged the whole family along with me that day as I oohhhed and ahhhed at each table. I knew I probably wouldn’t buy anything but gather business cards so I could go home and put them in my Favorite Store section on Etsy. I was doing well not spending any money, cards collected in my hand, when we arrived at Corinne’s table, The Fresh Stitch. She had the cutest little girl clothes (I need a little girl….) and the handsomest little boy Ts.
Then we noticed these little crayon holders that rolled up and were tied with ribbon. I asked about them and Corinne informed me they were crayon rolls. (duh Courtney!) They were the perfect size to fit inside a purse or leave them in the car to grab on the go. Just untie the bow and out the crayons roll. Each crayon has their own little pocket. I had to have one! Ours now has a permanent home in our diaper bag. When we go out to eat the boys instantly ask for their crayons to use. When the food comes, the crayons get folded back and put away. We love it!

On with our story. I was ready to be done with that purchase but Hubby kept commenting on the bib/burp cloth sets she had displayed. The bib was made with the softest thickest cutest fabric and the burp cloth was a prefold that she had sewn cute fabric into. Hubby wanted me to buy more? Could it really be? Yep he did! He thought P’Diddy needed them. We love love our bib. It is the best bib we own and sometimes I pause before I put it on him because I know he is just going to mess it up! And our burp cloth? It also has a permanent spot in our diaper bag. We have to have cute things when we go out right? And her minky blankets…oh I could have ten of these!

 Have you ever watched Army Wives? Her apron was featured on there!! Is that cool or what?
Let’s hear what she has to say…
Tell me about yourself and your family

I am a happily married, stay at home Mom to a fun and loving four year old girl. I am also a Nanny by day to a wonderful little boy and Owner, Designer and “Stitcher” of The Fresh Stitch by night! I have always found myself to have an eye for fashion and a love for shopping. So, searching for stylish fabrics couldn’t get better!! Being around two wonderful children all day, sewing and shopping all night, and adding fresh & modern styles to all ages and I couldn’t be happier!!

How did you get started?
The Fresh Stitch came about when one day I woke up and decided to begin sewing! I was staying at home with my daughter and she greatly inspired me to purchase a sewing machine. From there, I taught myself how to sew baby items and gifts. As she has grown older I have expanded to designing more clothing and accessory items for older children.

How do get your fabulous ideas?
I design clothing and accessories based on what I find useful to myself as a Mom and what I feel other Moms would enjoy purchasing — items that you would not find in an ordinary children’s shop. I am constantly designing new items in my mind and constantly purchasing new fabric that catches my eye. I once had a love and obsession to store shop for my daughter, now my love is purchasing new fabrics and designing clothes for her and others! When I do get out to the stores I find myself saying, “Hey, I can make that!”

Are you a crunchy mama?
I would say that I am “crunchy” Mom in many ways 🙂 We live a 95% organic lifestyle, I eat very little to no meat, lots of veggies and I am recently back to a dairy-free lifestyle. I say back to a dairy-free lifestyle because I was unable to eat dairy products while breastfeeding my daughter for 15 months (she had a sensitivity to dairy). Every since this dramatic change in my diet I feel fabulous! However, my daughter drinks 6+ cups of milk/day (organic) and I do not feel as though I could take this away from her!! I am curious to research how children live a “vegan” lifestyle and get all the nutrients they need (and not get the cold shoulder from those who don’t believe in this lifestyle)!! We live an “all natural” lifestyle :: Although I survived living off of HFCS, artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, antibiotics, growth hormones, hydrogenated oils, etc when I was younger — we choose to not go this route with our family! As for clothing diapering, I am looking forward to future child #2 (whenever this will be) and exploring the cloth diapering way of life!!

What is the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is that it does not take away from being a stay at home Mom and Nanny — my other job! I love that I can work at home (whether it is during naps or in the evening) and be flexible with my schedule. I make it so that I am able to spend these amazing young years with my daughter — going on adventures and outings around Charleston, traveling to visit family, etc. It’s going to be a big change for me next year when she is off to Kindergarten (tear, tear)! However, I will have more time on my hands to expand my business!

and anything else you’d like me to say about you, your work, etc…
I am so grateful to all my customers, friends and family who have supported me with my new business. I wouldn’t want it any other way!!

Isn’t she so nice? I’d like to say maybe I got her thinking about cloth diapers a little more because when we were chatting the first time I met her I told her she needed to make diapers! She would make the cutest minky diapers!!!! 🙂

Ok, time for a giveaway! You are going to be astatic when I tell you that Corinne is delighted (her word) to giveaway TWO crayon rolls! There will be TWO winners! You can pick one she already has in stock or she’ll make you one out of any fabric. Are you jumping up and down?

Mandatory Entry – Visit The Fresh Stitch at Etsy and tell me what item in what fabric you are dying to have. Don’t forget to add them to your Favorites!


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