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Very excited to introduce a Beautiful and unique product line that I know you will love from Core Root Crafts!

From the same family as Core Bamboo, I’d like to introduce Core Root Crafts. (by the way, if you don’t know Core Bamboo you need to check out my post for fun kitchen items like modern bowls and utensil sets!)

Root Crafts items are carved from a species of Chinese Fir called Shan Mu which grows abundantly in the mountains of Central China.  Root Crafts raw material come from the stumpage left by logging operations. The removal of these stumps allows for faster reforestation. Each gnarled stump is then transformed by skilled carvers into the beautiful and unique Root Craft products we proudly offer.

Each piece is carved by skilled artisans into beautiful pieces of functional art…Trays, Vases, Bowls, Serving ware, and more.

No two items will be exactly alike! Each with its unique size and grain from that tree root.


I held my bible study group at my house this week. I was excited to show off the gluten-free banana cupcakes with chocolate coconut frosting that I made from Living With Wellness.

Guess what the hit of the morning was? Not my muffins!

Core Root Crafts

Core Root Crafts

My new Large Root Platter. ohhhs and ahhhhs and where do you get these? A great conversation piece!

Beautiful! Shiny, grained root wood. I wish that you could see it up close and touch it.

I just love the wood chips and different marks from the tree etched throughout the platter.

It is even great as a mail holder, I found out one day when the boys laid the new mail inside by accident. hmmmmm.

See, you can dress it up or down. In any room of the house!


Then I made homemade flaxseed crackers the other night. SO proud of myself! I set it out with a side of hummus for the kids to snack on.

How FuN is this tray?

Core Root Crafts

The Chip & Dip Root Platter could be the hit of your next Super Bowl party!

I can see chips and dips of course, fruits, veggies, sauces, even finger foods like trail mix.

They are light weight and easy to handle. I just rinse them off under the sink and lay them to dry.

Did I say how Beautiful they are? 🙂

Any handcrafted piece in my house has a lot of meaning and gets a ton of use. I can’t wait to see all the comments I will continue to receive as I show off these Beautiful Platters!


Any root craft from Core Root Crafts would make a fabulous gift…don’t you think?

Check them out!

Edited to add later: Doesn’t look like their online store is taking orders anymore, but you can find them on Amazon.


Core Root Crafts

WIN a Chip & Dip Root Platter

Good Luck!

I received this products for review and all opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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