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Love showing off Zonderkidz books and today is no exception!

I have new books to share that are awesome for the whole family to sit down and read together…

FAVORITE PARABLES FROM THE BIBLE – age 4+ eight Bible parables: The Lost Sheep, The Precious Pearl, The House on the Rock, The Two Sons, The Rich Farmer, The Little Gate, The Good Stranger, and The Ten Silver Coins.

When I read the bible and take in what Jesus is saying, I’m often left stumped. He loves using real life illustrations to get to his point, but they are often hard to understand. These stories are awesome! They short, simple, and gets the point across in elementary-style wording. Love it!

ANIMAL TALES FROM THE BIBLE – age 4+ witty narrations by a fox, a cat, a magpie, and a mouse, the tales offer fresh and unique perspectives on Jesus’ birth, the story of how He turned water into wine, the story of Zacchaeus, and Jesus and the Storm.

I was introduced to a couple of new Christmas stories this season that were from the camel’s point of view. The camel who brought the Wise Men and their gifts to Jesus’ birth. I loved this idea and was excited to get this Zondervan book. The animals are in the background of the scenes and we hear their close-up narrative of what is going on. Very neat!


THE STORY FOR CHILDREN, DELUXE EDITION – age 4+ the 2011 ECPA Children’s Book of the Year features the voice of Max Lucado. 48 fundamental Bible stories will hold the attention of little ones, allowing them to follow along and focus on the vibrant illustrations by artist Fausto Bianchi.

This is an awesome book to add to your collection. Every night we read a couple of bible stories and the books the kids pick first are the ones with the best illustrations. The added CD is a bonus! We can bring it in the car, which we do for longer trips, or will set it up in our living room when the boys need some downtime. Sometimes listening to someone else besides mom and dad is more fun!

THE STORY FOR KIDS – age 9+ The Story about God’s love for his people…written like a novel. Events, characters, and teachings are arranged in chronological order so you can better understand God’s plan for creation.

SO excited to read this. I’m finishing up another bible reading, then this is next on my list before I pass it on to the boys. What better way for them to understand the whole bible? Also has a some black and white illustrations throughout, which I know O’Bear needs. He’s a picture kid!


In GOD’S MESSAGES FOR LITTLE ONES age 3+, Lucado once again tells the story of God’s enormous love for his children, this time in a colorful 31-day devotional that features short key passages from THE STORY FOR CHILDREN.

Want to spend a few minutes a day with your little ones teaching them a simple passage to let them know how special they are? This is the book – with awesome illustrations by Josee Masse.

Example of Day 4 – “They will know that I am the Lord their God” Exodus 29:46 – a two page spread picture of the baby Moses in his basket sailing down the river and reads ‘God watched over Moses. He watched over his people. God watches over me too.’



Each tale is filled with important Christian values for young readers, and helps them learn the fundamentals of reading with the I Can Read! Level 1 simple text format.

Three stories from our Veggie Tale friends ~ Princess Petunia’s Sweet Apple Pie, Who Wants to be a Pirate?, and The Fairest Town in the West. Each a cute story with bright colorful pictures and a teaching about what is right and wrong.

All my boys are fans ~ from big to small!


Which one would you read first? Aren’t they all great?

I received these books for review. All opinions are my own.


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  • I think our older readers would enjoy reading the The Story for Kids, and the little ones the Gos's Message for Little ones- lots of opportunities to discuss Jesus throughout the book.
  • my daughter loved veggie tales. now that she has kids of her own, she's sharing with them. will keep these in mind for gramma's house :) thanks!

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