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Did you know HABA is a German company that started back in 1938? When I think about toys made back then, I think wood. simple. sustainable.

HABA is still owned by the same family today. A family that cares about the environment. You can see the love of Mother Nature in all of their creations, but let me share some facts that truly makes them one of the top eco-friendly toy companies.

~ HABA turns to wood from sustainable forestry projects in German forests and been awarded the PEFC quality symbol for this sustainable and responsible forestry management.

~ Made local in Germany. Everything from the ideas, to the wood, to the production happens in their local home.

~ Go out of their way to be energy saving and use water conversation methods

~ Have been certified in their commitment to environment protection in the work place. From reusing and recycling, to using as many ‘green’ materials as possible.

~ Color on their toys is made with solvent-free, water based stain, that can not harm any child who puts it in his mouth.


Though HABA takes great pride in their German origins, they are thrilled to introduce an American website so we can share in their FuN! You can  already find their toys in over 1,000 specialty stores across the states, but now are making our life easier by developing where we can navigate searches and see reviews to find the perfect toy for our child.

Shop by price, age, awards, or descriptive category. Click on Games and you’ll have 183 options! One of them is Sorting Game on the Farm. I mostly got it for P’Diddy, though I know his brothers wouldn’t want to be left out. They dug into it right on the hard kitchen floor as soon as it arrived.


I later got a chance to play and see what it was all about. Shape Sorting, Colors, Farm Animals, Counting, Engaging in Imaginations – how FuN! Though each activity does not take very long, P’Diddy wants to play all day! Which stable does the horse go in? What color is the pig? Does the hen want to visit the dog in the garden? There are countless ideas!


The pieces are chunky and easy to handle for him. The whole board is bright and colorful.

Just what I imagined a game from HABA would be!


Check out the new site and look around. I bet you’ll find some great Holiday gifts on there.

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