CChapman’s Gifts HandMade All Natural Body Care

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I got spoiled recently when I was sent a box full from Etsy’s new shop CChapman’s Gifts. Can’t wait to share with you what I received!
Meet Christine! She started her shop after making products for her family and friends and knew others would love them too! Love this paragraph from her profile…God has blessed us with a beautiful world, that provides all we need to live.  In our desire to have everything quick and simple, we are destroying our environment and our children’s future.  I had to make a change due to medical needs, but have found using natural and organic products to be as enjoyable as it is beneficial. I am privileged to be involved in bringing healing and happiness to others with the stuff God put here. It just so happens He’s helped me figure out how to put it all together.


CChapman’s is so new she doesn’t even have labels on yet, but just bought some biodegradable paper labels that have a natural glue on them. Cool?!


Here is what I’ve tried and LOVE


Baby Wash ~ This gentle cleanser slightly scented with lavender, is the ideal way to wash baby’s sensative skin. Great for babies with exzema or hyper sensative skin. Completely vegan.


My new favorite bath time wash! Smells just like a baby should…all soft and lovey. I feel good knowing it’s completely safe too!

Sugar Scrub ~ Made with Lavender,Rosemary and dried Lavender blossoms. Both essential oils are very healing for sensitive skin, and the aroma is good for mind and soul. Sugar is very gentle and won’t burn skin like salts do, gently exfoliates leaving you smooth and glowing.

The first thing I grab in my shower these days. I’m a sugar scrub-a-holic and this stuff is just fantastic! It’s fun too! Yes it can be fun with the spoon it comes with to stir, dip, and spread allll over. Ahhhh. Can’t wait to try all her scents!


Lip Balm ~ Has the feel of a chapstick, but a little shine as well.  Specifically for extremely dry, cracked lips, and also great for cold sores.


Mine was made with cocoa butter. You know my chocolate love? This lip balm is perfect and I can’t get enough!



Lavender Spray ~ Lavender is a natural antidepressent, antibiotic, detoxifier. It can be used to treat cuts, rashes, burns, and dandruff. You can also use it for a room deodorizer, to spray on linens, clothes, and even your animals.


We have used it on the kid’s scraps but my favorite use ~ cloth diaper laundry room deodorizer ~ it’s soooo wonderful. Bye bye smelly room!


Handmade Soap ~ Made from vegetable based oils only, no animal products. Made the old fashioned way, with lye. Has naturally occuring glycerine,so it is very gentle on your skin.


Comes in a combo pack of four fun scents (or choose what you want!) for $8! You also know my love for soap. Add these to my list. Can’t wait to buy them all. The lavender rosemary I tried was very soothing and oh so nice!


Hand & Body Lotion…Rich, creamy and very moisturizing. All natural ingredients with no animal products. Available in regular, Peppermint, Lemon Grass, and Lavender scents. Great for sensitive and extremely dry skin.


I told Christine she should call this one a cream it’s so thick and luxurious. A definite must for any lotion lover! You will want more and more…


We know that Christine is a crunchy mama after making these all natural products right? We raise chickens for our own eggs, we grow our own beef, we compost, we grow our own veggies and recently I’ve made changes like using cloth napkins, glass left over containers, micro fiber cleaning cloths, and even though we don’t have recycling where we live, we try to recycle as much trash as possible, including using our own discarded things to make other things.  We are not vegan, but that is because we have access to animals that are raised without cruelty. I do not use any animal ingredients in my products.  I only use oils from plants, flowers, vegetables, and wax from bees.


Are you excited to try out her products? You should be! You’re going to be spoiled too!