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Carolina Pad Partners up with Humane Society

Carolina Pad is full of fun school and office items for the whole family. Today I’m sharing how they are partnered with the humane society.
This is Griffey. He passed away last year at the age of ten, but his memory lives on in our house.

He loved playing in the snow with the kids. The yard would be full of his paw prints as he ran circles or pounced in the snow. We would throw snowballs and he would run and try to catch them. I’m sure he was not too happy with us when we moved south and said goodbye to the cold weather. He became a beach dog! But the sand was still not snow…


I’m excited to share with you Carolina Pad’s new line today! It’s called Stand Up! and is part of their Studio C collection. Most importantly it proudly promotes the Humane Society’s Mission: Humane, a nationwide movement of young people working to help animals where they need it most. The program provides resources to students who want to make a difference for animals by taking action. Students can participate in community service projects that tackle such issues as puppy mills, animal abuse and cruelty, farm animal protection, living peacefully with wildlife, and the fur trade.


I think these new products are very hip! I decided right away that I wasn’t going to share with the boys. They were MINE!

My favorite is the personal notebook. It is perfect for the note-taking mama that I am! Easily fits in the diaper bag so I can take it everywhere and jot down what I’m thinking about wherever I am. It has a little pocket on the inside where I stash my business cards.

Also included is a folder to store all my blog paperwork I receive from sponsors and a great binder to keep it all organized. I am so happy that I finally have my own supplies to keep my “stuff” together.

The college ruled notebook has turned into our ‘car paper’ we use it to play hangman whenever we have extra time to kill, mostly as we wait for our food at restaurants. Wonderful!


Carolina Pad has a LOT of fun items to spice up your office or supplies for the kids to make them have the coolest accessories in school. Be sure to check them out!


carolina pad

WIN Stand Out! Personal Notebook, 1-Subject Notebook, Pocket Folder & Vinyl Binder

 Good Luck!

Carolina Pad sent me these items for this review and links are affiliate, but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.


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  • I have a chihuahua who loves to dress up(well my daughters love to dress her up) She has her own dresser full of clothes..she is so spoiled! We dress her up in her little dresses and my husband does the Beat Boxin thing(makes music with his mouth) and she dances on her hind legs. Cracks us up!
  • Visited Carolina Pad and I love the Fundanoodle 3yr Floor Pad Print. My daughters would love that.
  • I adopted my french bulldog from the spca animal shelter. I was working there at the time as a kennel attendant. I saw her and fell in love. I had dreams of her at night. The shelter had a rule that you had to be employed there for 90 days before adopting. Of coarse I had not been there long at all, I was either going to quit or have someone adopt her for me. Turns out a friend was able to adopt her & he brought be this beautiful bulldog. She has since passed. I will always love my little girl & remember all of the good times.
  • We just brought home 5 feral kittens from our warehouse to socialize and find homes for. We've had them for a week and a half, have found families for 3, and have decided to keep the last 2! The kids have had such a good time working with them (it hasn't been easy) and have learned so much. Our good deed for the summer!!
  • Visited Carolina Pad & love the Royal Twist Composition Book in Purple - would be so useful to have with me! Always scrambling for paper...
  • I think the whimsical and pretty Dreamsicle Collection Journal is fun! ;)
  • I think the Studio C by Carolina Pad Simply Chic collection Lunch Tote is pretty fun!
  • I lost my dog not that long ago ( just a few weeks shy of 15 yrs old), so this isn't current - but one of my best memories of him was his love of the vegetable garden in the yard - if you accidentally left the gate to it open, you could find him in there pulling out carrots or cucumbers and munching away... and looking up at you with a completely black, muddy face looking sheepish :-)
  • I don't have any pets right now, I would love to get a kitten but I want to wait until my twin boys are a little older.
  • We have a dog named Chiquita. She is a terrier/chihuahua mix and is not agile at all. We went on a little hike and "convinced" to cross some rocks in a stream. Unfortunately she slipped off the rocks and landed in the stream. She was so mad at us she wouldn't look at us for the rest of the hike! [email protected]
  • My beloved chocolate lab, coco, passed away when i was pregnant with my first. She was 14 years old and i consider her my first baby. She brought us so much joy. I will get another dog when my boys are old enough. I LOVE dogs...sometimes more than people. If my hubby would let me, i'd have a bunch of dogs.
  • My cat's name is Sylvester and she's a she (we didn't know she wasn't a he until a few weeks after we got her). My cat can spell - ha, ha! When I call 'who wants a t-r-e-a-t (saying the letters and not the word) she comes running out from wherever she is, cuz she knows that I've got something for her! My daughters think it's pretty funny that my cat can spell and they are still learning how to do that!
  • I think the prints on the messenger bags are fun! I especially like the Studio C by Carolina Pad Zensational Collection Messenger Bag.
  • We have a cat with a very interesting name - Number 1. I woke up one cold March morning four years ago to something scratching my foot under the covers. We had taken in a homeless cat for the night because the temperatures were going to be below zero and very windy. Turns out she was pregnant and decided to have her kittens under my covers! Number 1 was the first kitten born and got lost in the blanket while his mom attended to her other kittens. We found homes for all of them and the mom, but decided to keep Number 1. And, to this day, his favorite spot to sleep is in the exact place he was born on our bed! ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com ☮
  • I have 2 dogs, a mini dach and a cocker spaniel. My cocker is the most gentle dog I have ever met. He plays with our 9 month old all the time. The baby gets fussy sometimes when mama is busy cleaning, cooking or folding laundry. The dog immediately takes over and will run circles around the baby, chase his ball, roll around on his back or whatever it takes to make baby laugh. It's so cute to watch, it's as if he is saying to me "it's ok mom, I got the baby."
  • One of our pets when I was growing up was a mixed breed named Blackie. Whenever someone said I guess it is time to go t bed. He would run up the stairs and lie at the end of my youngest brothers bed. Cute aye! ontariohappychick at gmail dot com
  • One night, my dude and I were lying in bed when we heard a LOUD crash outside our bedroom window...I looked at him and exclaimed..."What was that?" and my dog, Tsabi, answered..."Ri ron't know!"...just like a scene from Scooby-Doo...we cracked up, laughing our fool heads and we still don't know what crashed! [email protected] dotcom
  • I think their Studio C by Carolina Pad 17 College Collection Planner would be keep my reminders in...I've got scraps of papers everywhere...LOL
  • When Abbey, the Coupon Cat, was a kitten, she loved to chew on cords. Lamp cords, phone cords, computer name it. It was very annoying and destructive. I had just gotten my first laptop and I was working on a very important paper for a class, when all of a sudden, I saw sparks flying, the computer screen go black, and a kitten with its' fur standing on end bolting across the room! Needless to say, she had chewed through the cord, shocked herself, and killed my new laptop (and the important paper). Fortunately, she has outgrown the cord chewing...she prefers flip flops now :-P
  • I'm not entering b/c I've won from Carolina Pad in the past... but wanted to say I think it's so sweet they are helping animals! We've had several pets since I was a child. They were all cute but with neurotic personalities! haha - but always very lovable! :) I miss them all! :( no pets now b/c hubby is allergic!
  • We don't have a pet, but we love when our neighbor's dog, Macy, comes to visit. She will whine at our back door until we come out and pet her and then she goes back home!
  • we had our telephone go out.. called the phone company out, they checked the lines to the poles, a while later the repair guy comes back with Shadow's (our English Black Lab) ball and few other chew toys that I have seen for a while, turns out Shadow dug a hole under the back porch and chewed thru the wires. Had the wires redone and the hole filled back in and blocked off so that he can't crawl back under the porch.
  • Studio C by Carolina Pad Carnival collection Mouse Pad is a cute and colorful mouse pad.. my tween would that on her desk.
  • we have 2 dogs feenix and miller.the other day we heard feenix barking and went to see what was wrong.miller had gotten a paper bag stuck on himself and was trying to run away from it but wasn't having any luck.we freed him after we stopped laughing.
  • When my cat was a kitten, he surprised me by jumping up on my arm from behind the couch--I was holding a drink in my hand at the time, and I ended up spilling it all over my head like a slapstick cartoon character.
  • I think the Studio C by Carolina Pad Brights Collection Photo Journal looks really fun! What a cute idea!
  • I have 2 cats, that are from the same litter. They are 8 now, and one is 20 lbs the other is 13 lbs. The big one isn't fat, but does like to eat. So at 9:00pm sharp, he expects to be fed, and if you put the food in his brother's side of the bowl first, he slowly pushes his head over and starts eating out of that bowl. Then he side steps his body over squishing his brother out of the way! It's pretty funny to watch.
  • We have 2 cats. They're great hunters and find all kinds of small critters outside. The problem is they won't eat them. In the spring and summer we usually have to go around picking up small animals and pieces of that they dragged into our yard.
  • We have 3 dogs: Nala, Chewy & Thor. One wire haired terrier mix and 2 German Shepherd puppies (in that order). Nala is a very smart animal shelter animal. My 11 year old daughter has taught her many things over the years so she can do many tricks. She is also an avid squirrel hunter and tree climber. She can be found most days in the yard staring straight up into a tree for hours on end or attempting to climb them after squirrels. ;-) my_2_cents at hotmail dot com
  • We have two kittys, Emma is 12 and Kashmir is 6. They are both rescued cats, but really, they have rescued us! They have been the source of endless joy in our lives and we are thankful every day that we have them.
  • Love the Studio C by Carolina Pad Carnival collection Bookmarks, 3-pk - great little gift to tuck inside a book!
  • Okay so I use to work a lot and when I went to do laundry I couldn't find any of my work shirts. I was so mad because I had no clue how they got out of the closet. We found them all under my daughters bed. Yep, my jack russel Trixie stole all of them and hid them under her bed. It was the only shirts under the bed. She really must love her mama and figured if I didn't have shirts then I couldnt go to work. I'm so glad I dont work as much as I use to kidpack05 at yahoo dt com
  • My daughter is the pet wisperer in our house, we have two cats and a black lab and they all adore her. The dog and one of the cats are best friends and often sleep with our daughter on her single bed! She is ten and has such a gift with all animals, it is a joy to watch her. Our newest cat is the one that is friends with the dog, and when either my daughter or my husband come into the house after being out for awile he will run to their lap and kiss them! It is to funny!!
  • My first dog was a mutt her name was sassy she was black and white ddalmatian mix she was my best friend, i still think about her when I see a dog that looks like her [email protected]
  • our dog came from a family who had to give her up because she was getting out of the yard and chasing the mail man. when we went to get her the old owner said she's a man's dog. we found out what he meant when we got home and she started to take my dirty clothes and put them by the door, she wanted me out of there.
  • My dog, Buckwheat, was one of four puppies in a litter. We took him, my grandma took another (Pal), and my uncle took a third (Bootsie). Buckwheat would run away from home - a lot - and would always end up with one of his brothers. We would get a call from my uncle or my grandma saying that Bucky was at their house. Isn't that odd? kcoud33 at gmail dot com
  • Tweeted:!/kcoud33/status/82859665158979584 kcoud33 at gmail dot com
  • We had a cat named ashes that thought he could talk and would take evening walks with us every night and as we talked he would meow right along with us.
  • I went to the site and like the Studio C by Carolina Pad Hot Chocolate Collection Bundle
  • My pet is Bubbles. She is a cat we found on the side of the road and she is sweet and friendly like a dog. She runs to the garage every time the door opens and waits for us to come in. pandahugger(at)gmail(dot)com
  • My pup's name is "G". Her full name is Energy, but we shorted it down, but she's a little energetic Pembroke Welsh Corgi! My boyfriend suprised me and got me her for my birthday 2 years ago, as i've always wanted a corgi! She has a huge personality, and by far the best present i've ever received! xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com
  • I like the Studio C by Carolina Pad Green Felt Collection 13-Pocket Expandable File (Check size) xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com
  • My cat is 16 years old and loves to play with those plastic pull tabs you pull off to open plastic containers:) and she sleeps with us every single nights! annejk112233(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • Thanks for the giveaway...GFC Follower: Brian E. senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com
  • I love the Studio C by Carolina Pad Hot Chocolate Collection Bundle. annejk112233(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • I like Carolina Pad on fb (i'm anne dall on fb). annejk112233(at)yahoo(dot)com
  •!/wowtotweet/status/82894303063572480 tweet link. annejk112233(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • I think the Studio C by Carolina Pad Carnival collection Bookmarks, 3-pk are really cute!

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