Butt Naked Baby Organic Skincare

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I love finding great new products to share with you. Butt Naked Baby organic skincare is very new and they are kicking off their premiere in a big way! (more on that in a bit!)

Butt Naked Baby is a natural and organic skincare line for those with sensitive skin. Their signature blend contains white tea, green tea & calendula. All the ingredients needed to keep skin healthy!

They have a lot of great products to kick-off their line and I got to try some of them!

Calming Cleanser with a non-foaming cream consistancy, it counteracts the drying effects of hard water and helps to perserve the skins natural balance. Rich in hydrating oils, it reinforces the hydrolipidic film that protects the epidermis.

Our bath time was fun tonight (well it’s always fun!) because we got to try this cleanser. All the boys enjoyed testing it out I was thrilled knowing that not only will they be squeeky clean but they are putting on a product that is good for their skin without any nasty chemicals, fragrances or colors.

Nuturing Oil is rich in essential fatty acids to soften baby’s fragile skin. Perfect for daily use as a massage oil, cradle cap oil, or extra hydration in bath water.

I am a bad mommy. My one year old still has cradle cap because I have never really done anything about it. Thank you BNB for giving me a product that I can feel good putting on his scalp to make that itchness go away!


911 Rescue Cream is perfect for daily use for those with severely dry or problematic skin and can be used from head to toe. Powered by antioxidants, this cream creates an invisible barrier to restore vital moisture.

I don’t know who is more excited about this product in my house. Me, because baby has developed eczema spots that won’t go away, or Hubby because he has extremely dry hands and fingertips that really bother him and nothing has helped in a way he needs. It’s a wonderful thick lotion that I can’t wait to use more of and see the long time effects!

Shea Stick ~ a must have for every diaper bag ~ TOTALLY! I love this little stick! With organic tea extracts, soothing calendula and ultra shea butter, this jumbo sized chapstick provides protection on lips, cheeks, or anywhere!

No more getting your hands allll yucky with diaper cream! LOVE it! And I’ve spread it across my lips too. Smoooth!

Now for the FUN part! I’m going let you WIN a product here on the blog but even better Butt Naked Baby is GIVING you a product for checking them out AND giving you a chance to WIN a $150 Target gift card! Here are the details…

Butt Naked baby will be giving away a $150 Target Gift Card to 1 lucky mommy who buys our product off the Target shelf and takes the time to check us out….




butt naked baby organic skincare

Will you be trying Butt Naked Baby organic skincare?

Good Luck!

Butt Naked Baby sent me four products for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.

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