Bright Life Toys Sensory Clutch Ball

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For P’Diddy’s first birthday a couple of months ago I knew I wanted to get him his own ball. A sensory clutch ball. He loved throwing them and chasing after it to throw again. He just giggles with delight if you sit on the floor and play pass the ball with him.

At 14 months his only real words are Dad AND Ball!

I wasn’t sure what kind I should buy him, big or small, soft or hard, until Gail from Bright Life Toys showed off one of her Sensory Clutch Balls on Facebook. I knew instantly it was perfect!

Made with bright vibrant colors, the “clutch” ball is named perfectly ~ baby can very easily grab it with one hand and give it a good toss! Here are more reasons I love it ~

  • each colored section is made with a different textured fabric hence the “sensory”.  Hand dyed organic bamboo velour, satin, minkee, felt and nylon are a few materials of what Gail uses.
  • multiple tags are sewn in around the ball also in multiple sizes and colors. Babies love tags! (note from Gail: changed to sensory points due to the Taggie patent on the looped ribbons.)
  • a soft jingling bells provide auditory stimulation to little ears. Fun!
  • the ball is soft and squishy which means I don’t have to worry about where it’s bouncing.

Our favorite colors are blues, browns, & oranges and look how it turned out!

This ball is genius!

I was so excited chatting about the clutch ball that I forgot to introduce Gail! Here is she!

Hi everyone! I’m Gail, mama to a busy Chicken Nugget (my son) and an even busier Magna Doodle (my daughter).

I began sewing at my mother’s knee 22 years ago, and have loved it ever since.

I started sewing toys for my own children after the recalls on children’s toys a couple of years ago. I began offering my toy making services to online communities such as Diaper Swappers shortly after that.

Crunchy Mama! Yes! I’m an extended BFer, practice AP parenting, grow my family’s food, make everything from scratch, etc. 🙂

Her store, or I should say store(s), she operates out of both Etsy and Hyena Cart, are full of fun toys! Another one of her specialities is stuffed animals…and I bet she’d make you a custom one if you told her what animal you had in mind…

Win a Custom Sensory Clutch Ball


Good Luck!

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