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Do you want to hear my Potty Training Story?

P’Diddy is 23 months and I’ve always said he would be easy to potty train. From a young age he would tell me when he went in his diaper. I knew it was the cloth diapers that were helping me with this!

I was anxious to get a potty and try it out. Will you believe me when I tell you the first 2 times I put him on it in the first 2 days he went instantly in it?

Well, I think I scared him I cheered so loud! Because now he won’t sit on it AT ALL anymore. But he will carry it around saying…no potty…no potty. sigh.

yes we got sent a pink potty!

I found the perfect potty for us. The BecoPotty. (There is a step stool too!) It is made from waste plant material ~ a composite mixture of 80% bamboo and rice husks. Both of these materials are mixed with a resin that bonds the fibers together.

When you are done with the potty, your child gets to take it outside, bury it in the earth, plant some seeds, water them to watch them grow. Your potty will biodegrade, feed the flowers, and help the environment. How cool is that?!!

The potty itself is small and at first I wasn’t so sure, but as I’ve had it around for awhile now, I think the size is great!

It is lightweight to carry around (as you can see) which is what we do. Yes it travels to multi-bathrooms, but mostly sits in different spots in our family room. ha! I want him to get used to it.

Easy to empty in the big potty and rinse out in the sink.

This potty has definitely become a family fixture 🙂

Win a BecoPotty! (ARV $17.99)

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Good Luck!

I was given this potty for review but was not compensated. All opinions are my own. This giveaway will end on Jan. 30, 2012 at midnight EST. Winners will be drawn via rafflecopter. Once a winner is drawn I will contact them and they will have 48 hours to reply before I draw a new winner. Giveaway is open to anyone in the US and you must be 18 years of age or older. Giveaway not affiliated with Facebook. Winner will be posted in the rafflecopter widget.


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  • I potty trained my first in 3 days (or he did it himself...) but my second is taking longer than I thought... He just turned 2 but is not even close to ready. Maybe a new potty will excite him?! :)
  • We're not there yet with my second son, but with my now 12 year old he was mostly pee trained right around his 3rd birthday but he still wouldn't poop in the potty. I then let him run around the house naked (which resulted in only one #2 accident lol) and then bribed him with lollipops. I bought 3 and said when he pooped on the potty he could have one. It only took those 3 days :)
  • My daughter is 21 months and like to follow us to the bathroom, she loves to tell us when she has poop in her nappy...however she is right about 50% of the time. I think a new potty would intice her! (and me!)
  • We gave up on the potty chair. We just taught our son to sit on the toilet backwards. It worked great! Though it was a pain to take off his bottom half everytime he had to go.
  • when i trained my son i would have him go sit on his potty 15mins after he would drink something... this became a routine that he started to go alone w/o me having to tell him.. He had less accidents this way
  • The best tip I can give is to have patience! If they don't go let them know it's ok and they can try again later :) Letting them stick their hand in warm water might help along :) Also rubbing the arches of their feet will help them go poop :) I used to bring at least 2 books to read to them while trying to go potty. It help keep their mind off of trying so hard to go and relaxes them. I taught my son to sit & tuck .... He went to the bathroom like that for years!! Helped keep the splatter down and anyone from falling through in the middle of the night :)
  • This will be my first time potty training so I cannot wait to keep checking back and reading all these tips and tricks!
  • We haven't started this particular adventure yet. I was just looking at pottys at the store this weekend. Sort of looking forward/not looking forward to this stage. haha
  • We let our daughter run around in big girl panties, it's a different feeling for her and she knows that once she wets herself, she feels it more than in her CD. We've actually been able to stay dry for about 4 hours, we are just starting the potty learning experience, so we don't have many tips or tricks!
  • My oldest son was really resistant to potty training until he was 3 1/2. But once he was finally ready, it went surprisingly quickly. My second son potty trained himself which was awesome. He was a few months past 3 but I hadn't tried with him yet because his baby brother was pretty demanding, well one day he just decided he was done with diapers so I took his off and he went to the toilet and did his business like an old pro. Having an older brother to emulate really helped I think. Also I'm a firm believer in waiting until the child is really ready, it goes so much faster and less frustrating that way. I'm gearing up for potty training son #3 in the next month or two, he's scared of being up on the toilet so I'd love to win this awesome Beco so I don't have to buy him one. :)
  • My daughter is only 13 months old, so we haven't started potty training yet. This would be awesome to have on hand when we are ready though! !
  • When I was potty training my daughter we had all tile floors throughout the whole house so we would just let her go naked [we lived in GA] for the most part! Would NOT work at our new house with my son, since there's carpet.
  • We haven't entered the potty learning stage yet but the biggest tip I have heard is to follow your LO's cues and not push it. We plan on 'going with the flow' (hehe!). fmgrice2(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • My 4 year old is still in diapers at night and isn't 100% dry during the day. Such a long process! I'm hoping my girls are easier when they get older. :)
  • I started putting my daughter on the potty (at 16 months) everytime I needed to use the bathroom. She caught on by 18mo and now goes all on her own!
  • Start early! We started with infant potty training at 6 months and now at just over 2 he's in still have some accidents. But as long as we make him stop and try to pee every 2 hours, he stays dry. So it's all on mom and dad rifgt now
  • My little guy's about to turn two. Sometimes he's very into the potty. Other times we hear a mantra of "Don't want potty!" Last night, he was naked after a bath and he wandered into the bathroom, sat down on his potty, and went pee all by himself! If only I'd remembered to put the bowl back in first...haha! ayakers (at) gmail (dot) com
  • Not yet... I think my son is about ready for a potty. Thanks for the review. I love that it is compostable.
  • Wait until they are ready. I have so many friends who tried to potty train their baby really really early and even though they were potty trained earlier, they are now having problems with regressing or being afraid of going to the potty
  • I definitely could use some tips, we are just beginning potty training. My daughter is also 23 mo old & has been able to tell us for a while now when her diaper is dirty. That was the sign for me that this girl is ready! It is very challenging though! -__-
  • we are just starting out... so no tips really. Stories - nothing super funny. A. has started liking the "potty dance" whenever he gets around to ACTUALLY going! :)
  • No tips, but potty training is slow going for my 3.5 year old when it comes to doing #2 on the chair. I am hoping that since my twins have been in cloth since 2 months old, they'll potty train quicker and easier when we give it a go next fall. :P
  • Read books over and over in the bathroom. By the time they get the hang of potty training, they have all their books memorized.
  • My tip would be to take a little potty seat into whichever room you are in. Makes it easier to be successful when they don't have to run very far to get to the toilet
  • Patience? Haha sorry I laugh because I had about 45minutes of patience and after nothing in the potty I put her in a diaper and boom she peed! LoL It is something we all maybe get a good cup of tea or coffee and book and turn on the music while you sit next to your little one on the potty. :)
  • I've just started with my 17 month old. We just spend some diaper free time, so he can learn to recognize when he goes to the bathroom. No big deal because we have laminate and tile throughout the house.
  • I learned from child #1 that you can't push the potty training or they can fight it! Introduce the potty and set aside potty time, but don't stress them, let them go at their own pace. I tried setting an alarm for 30 minutes at a time to work with child #1 and she did not like it. She fought going every time the timer went off. We quit the timer and a week later she would go regularly and was trained in no time.
  • Haven't started PTing my daughter yet and she is my first - so I don't really have any tips. Would love to hear some tips from others!
  • I'd LOVE to get my toddler potty trained........instead of her using the bowl from the potty chair as cowboy hat and yelling "YEE HAWWWW" while riding her toy horse. :-/
  • my only tip is to never use pull ups after potty training 3 of my own and numerous childs as a preschool teacher using pull ups makes potty training take longer.
  • with my son i would put a couple of cheerios in the potty and tell him to see if he could hit them it worked so all was good
  • we give a special something everytime the middle child goes on the potty to everyone! It works to get my 4 year old to remind my 2 year old to get on the potty!
  • Other than treats, we've started a Sticker Chart that Sophia is really enjoying. The best tip I have, well, it works for my daughter... is to let her run around pants and diaper-less. She's totally potty trained this way, but when she wears anything she treats it like a diaper {training pants, panties, etc.}
  • Potty training my girls was easy. They just wanted to use the potty. No bribery needed. My son is another story. I can't get him to use it to save my life! I need tips too. Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway! Renee Walters [email protected]
  • We tried a sticker chart and m&m's, but my son wasn't having it. So I filled a box up with dollar store toys and when he went, he got a toy. Once he had it down we went back to stickers and m&ms and then eventually no reward. We also did the naked-from-the-waist-down for three days to make him aware of what he was doing and when he needed to go and it helped. alsatia23 at hotmail dot com
  • id say just go for it and try not to look back.. it will be tough but if they see that you arent budging they will go with the flow and follow suit..
  • My little guy is almost 15-months so I'm hoping to introduce the potty to him in a few more months and hoping it won't be too bad of an experience!
  • My son is 16 months old so we haven't started potty training yet. He did however pee in the dogs water bowl one day LOL
  • my 4 year old potty trained at age 2 -2 1/2. It just took us consistently putting her on the potty. Basically if I went potty, I'd encourage her to try. Seemed to work. My 18 month old is interested in the potty but doesn't sit still long enough yet, so no success yet. I'm just taking it easy still with him.
  • Every potting child is so different. I wish there was just one thing that worked, I just keep at it as often as I can remember to. I will say I think boys are harder!
  • Ugh! We are just starting our Potty Training journey -- so I will gladly take in any useful tips people have to offer! At this point, we're trying to get our daughter to tell us Before she needs to potty :)
  • Hmmm....I am trying to potty train my 16 1/2 month old right now. It is slow going. If I bring him to the potty right after I am done nursing him in the morning, he usually goes some in it. Then I give him and M'M. I hear you are supposed to bring them to the potty like every 30 minutes. I am having a hard time keeping up with it. He hasn't even pooped in the potty yet, but he did on the floor when He was running around naked and I was making him breakfast and not watching him too close. I am not using fleece in his diapers during the day, in the hopes of him not liking the wetness. I am also not snappying his prefolds, so I can take his diaper off quicker.
  • My tip is to not force it. They will learn at their own pace and if you try to rush it, they will wind up taking longer to learn.
  • We like to do 'nakey time' with our potty trainers. For girls, a simple knit dress and a naked bum and for boys a long t-shirt and naked bum. We have found this to be pretty effective for the poop training end of the spectrum. Warning: Be prepared for an accidental poop in the house. We let our kids go nakey-bottom outside or over hard surfaces in the house.
    • We are battling a rash and let our daughter have some nakey time time and we just had our first poop accident. I didn't discover it until we were changing her clothes and had to send my hubby on poop patrol to see where it landed. It was funny and a learning experience.
  • We haven't got there yet (almost!), but I enjoyed reading everyone else's. My only tip is wait until the kid is ready,which we're doing.
  • Having a catch phrase or fun one-liner can help a child to let you know when they need to potty. I would always sing "La di da di, we like to potty" to my baby cousin (in Slick Rick's voice, mind you) when I would take her. It stuck with her and that was how she started letting everyone know. It made it more fun to sing a song with her.
  • Find a pair of undies with your child's favorite character or fun picture on it. Tell them to keep the Princess (for example) dry. My daughter did great with that method! She didn't want to get her princesses wet
  • No don't have any tips, trying to help potty train my grandson, forgot how hard it is.
  • I just wish my daughter would use the potty for it's intended use. I found an entire canister of colorful Play-Doh in the toilet the other day. Not fun! lol
  • I do not have any potty training tips from my baby, but as a young baby sitter I realized that you must supervise little boys when they begin their potty training adventures.
  • My Tip is that you should let them guide you. If you start pushing the potty too soon, they will get scared of it. Scared to disappoint. Have a potty available for them and let them come to the bathroom when you do.
  • Perserverance and patience. Consistency and praise. He's bound to be potty trained, One of these days! bgcchs(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • Been trying to potty train my son for 2 months now. I have no great tips because he's not getting it and I'm left cleaning accidents all day long.
  • when potty training my son he refused to sit down to pee. I eneded up having to wash the walls and floors alot.
  • Many years ago my daughter was well on her way to being potty trained when we had to move. We endured over 12 hours by plane with several transfers, then a week with each of our families before we got to our final destination. It was actually so long ago that my in-laws still had an outdoor outhouse. Potty training was impossible. It was a long time before we got back on track.
  • My oldest niece used to pee in the baby potty so we would be proud of her sister for going. fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005 google +/ shirley pebbles

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