Biodegradable Food Storage Farberware Ecofresh

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Chatting about Biodegradable Food Storage todayFarberware’s Ecofresh Food Storage line.

I am slowly getting rid of my unsafe food-cooking-ware in my kitchen. Most of the items I received when I first got married eleven years ago. Gosh, how my wedding registry would be different today!

One item in my cabinets that I need a LOT of are food storage containers. I started out with Rubbermaid, accumulated a few Tupperware, with a bit of stainless steel and glass thrown in. I, of course, use the good stuff first, but then I get down to only my old plastic. I kind of cringe when I use them.

I have found a great inexpensive alternative!

BPA-Free, Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly Plastic Food Storage Containers made by Farberware!

Biodegradable Food Storage Farberware Ecofresh

All the reasons why I love my new containers (besides the obvious green-ness of them!)…

  • Easy lids ~ Lids and I don’t get along. These are super easy as you just gently press them in the top instead of on. Yes I’m a wuss!
  • Clear ~ Love how I can see what is inside of it from not just the sides, but top and bottom too!
  • Vacuum Seal ~ air and water tight. Most important for my fruit!
  • Bright Colors ~ right now comes in Tangerine, Aqua, and Plum. Will change with the seasons!
  • Warp Resistant ~ how many of your lids no longer fit? These containers will remain intact for a long long time!


Edited to add: I think this line has been discontinued! Check out other Biodegradable Food Storage Containers on Amazon.

Biodegradable Food Storage

Biodegradable Food StorageWin a 20 piece set in color of choice!

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Good Luck!

Farberware EcoFresh sent me some containers for the review. I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own.