Being Imaginative with Star Wars Jedi Robe

My kids have turned into Jedi’s. Star Wars movies are going on non-stop at our house. Lightsaber battles are taking place. This is all thanks to Costume Discounters who sent my boys the Kids Deluxe Jedi Robe.

They are loving their new outfit and firmly believe that they now look like real Jedi’s with their long robe, large hood, and weapon strapped to their side. They are ready for action!

If you were to come over to my house on any given day you might be surprised if a ninja answers the door or spiderman suddenly jumps out in front of you. That is because my children love to put on these costumes for their games and I encourage them because I get to see their imaginations go to work.

Costume Discounters is open all year long with any kind of outfit you may be looking for. From puppy dogs for the little ones to adults who are looking for that 80s mullet hairdo again. Disney, Flintstones,GI Joe ~ wonderful search categories on the side of the page to easily find what you are looking for.
Need a whole outfit or maybe just an accessory? Want to dress up the dog to match?

Easter is coming up ~ I found a cute bunny. Or maybe you need to look like Jesus for the church play.
They have it all!

My boys have already decided what they will be for Halloween this year. Luke, Anakin, and baby will be Yoda. I will be searching once more for Star Wars Costumes and now I know just the place to find a great selection!

Do your kids play dress up?
Costume Discounters sent me a Jedi Robe for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.


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  • Love it! My husband is a huge Star Wars fan and I'm sure he'll have our little one in a costume as soon as he can.
  • Come to the Dark Side! We have Cookies!!! You may not know this, but Ray and I are HUGE star-wars nerds. Ray is part of the 501st legion, a group of guys who go to events as the Bad Guys (Storm Troopers) being good guys and raising money for charity. So it really made my day to see your boys dressed up as Jedis and wielding sabers! The main 501st network does a lot for Make-a-wish, and then our local chapters do things for local needs (like ours raises a bunch of money annually for the Phoenix Childrens hospital.) So basically if an event needs storm troopers (whether it's a public event or even sometimes birthday parties, the group just asks for a charitable contribution to whichever place is needing it.) Ray has trooped a ton of different things, from parades, to trooping 5k races for Race for the Cure, to conventions, he was on stage during the scream Spike awards with Samuel L Jackson and George Lucas, he and I were both on stage with Weird Al Yankovich (Ray was in gear and I was running the R2 droid via remote control). Whenever you see a football game with a ton of storm troopers marching or parades, that's the 501st. It's an odd life of helping my husband gear up into storm trooper gear, treating rashes from chafing and blisters from foot gear. It's a hoot though!
  • We are HUGE Star Wars fans around here but the kids haven't seen them yet - I think too young still. But many a year T Rex Dad and I did Star Wars characters for Halloween. I made my hubby's but my Padme costume was so elaborate I had someone make it for me.
  • We love most scifi but Star Wars is definitely TOP OF THE LIST!!! (the old Star Wars LOL!). Hubby especially pretty much has all 3 movies memorized! :) These costumes are great. baby is too young just yet but I LOVED costumes as a kid and hope he will too! :) your kiddos look like they are having a BLAST!!

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