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Upcycled Cloth Diapers. Could it get any better than that?

First I want to share with you a couple of facts about our everyday clothing ~

If each person in the bought one recycled garment each year, it would save an average of 371 million gallons of water and 480 tons of chemical dyestuffs! Wow!

Americans throw away 68 pounds of clothes on average each year and we only buy 10 pounds of recycled clothes annually.

I actually found Becca when she was being featured on another blog. It was right at the time I was putting together this Upcycled Week and my mouth fell open. I was so excited! I stalked her (yes I did you can ask her) because I knew all of you would love this idea as much as me!

Becca makes diapers out of t-shirts! Even the inside soakers are made from t-shirts, velour pants, towels, or even jeans!
This is how she got started making them, “I started making cloth diapers myself because I was tired of paying so much for them. It’s not that buying a bumGenius or a Goodmama wasn’t worth the $20-30 or so that they cost, but simply that our budget was too tight for me to continue to fill my stash with that amount of money per diaper. When I discovered Etsy, I was ecstatic because I’ve been crafting my whole life for myself and others so the idea of being able to make money from something I love to do was very enticing. I chose to make my diapers out of upcycled materials because I can get those for either free or next to nothing which means I can offer my diapers for less than the normal price of diapers. I just charge for my time and the minimal price of snaps/velcro and elastic rather than also adding in the cost of fabric.”
Are you dying to see one? Here are a couple…
Where does she get her materials?
“I generally get T shirts from friends and family.  They all know they can give me their unwanteds. I’ll buy them at yardsales too if I can get them for $.25 or cheaper.  Also,  I have a tendency to hold on to items of clothing for sentimental value, so knowing I can turn a T shirt, skirt, or pair of sweatpants that I no longer wear into something for my daughter is also incentive to get rid of stuff! Now we have sentimental diapers that we actually USE from day to day rather than old T shirts that take  up space in my closet because they have special meaning! And I just made my daughter a little dress from one of her Daddy’s old dress shirts too.  It’s just great to upcycle things you already have rather than spending money to buy new stuff!”

Here is one made of sweatpants!

But how does she make them?
Here is a step by step tutorial found on her blog. Be sure to leave her comment love if you use it!

Or if you can’t sew like me you can send in your t-shirt and Becca will make a customized one just for you!

Next time around I will be sending Becca my own T but this time I chose one out of her Etsy store Cloth Diaper Mommy. It is so cute! P’Diddy and I were very excited to get our fluffy mail that day to try on our new dipe. The first thought I had as I touched it was how soft it was, exactly like an old T. I knew it would be very comfy against baby’s skin.

I asked Becca if she was a Crunchy Mama…
I’m a crunchy mama when it is economical for me to do so but I don’t think I’d be defined specifically as such. Our town doesn’t offer recycling, so I don’t recycle cans and newspapers. However, I try to keep down on our trash by switching out our napkins and papertowels for cloth and I obviously cloth diaper. I save money by making my own baby foods but I’m not vegetarian or anything as meat and protein are essential to my daughter’s diet and my husband is a huge meat eater. We baby wear and occasionally co sleep, but not all the time. And we believe in kind but firm discipline. It is important for us that our daughter recognizes authority and learns to respect it so that she’ll be honoring to God in her life and so that she can function as a well-rounded member of society. Our biggest and most important goal in regards to raising our daughter is that she grow up to know and love Jesus Christ as her Savior and her friend. Everything else is secondary to her eternal salvation and that essential relationship.

Would you like to WIN a set of 8 wipes made from T-shirts? Perfect for washcloths & napkins too!
You can choose girl, boy, or neutral. How fun is that?


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