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You’re in for a treat. Not only do you get introduced to the fantastic Etsy shop Banana Bottoms, but since my little guy isn’t old enough to start potty training yet, I’m having my friend Jenelle write the review for the cloth diaper trainer.

First let Kristen, the owner of Banana Bottoms, tell you about herself…I have 4 kids and have cloth diapered all of them.  I started to sew my own cloth diapers when my oldest was born (13  years ago!). My patterns have evolved over the years and I’ve changed my fabrics but I still love fitted cloth diapers.  My mom encouraged me to start selling my diapers, I found Etsy, and the rest is history.  I discovered Little Comet Tails patterns a few years ago and loved them so much I became a licensed seamstress for the Stellar Transitions training pants.  I liked how cute they were and my daughters liked how they could wear put them on themselves.

Now to you Jenelle…

My family is in the process of switching from cloth diapers to cloth trainers- it has been a bittersweet transition as I’ve grown to love my fluff, the cute bum, and the “you use cloth?!?” conversations. I know that there is the perfect training pant out there, even if I’m not sure where to start looking. When Courtney invited me to participate in her Great Cloth Diaper Event, I was really excited to help out, and then she told me I would be reviewing Stellar Transition Training Pants that were sewn by Banana Bottoms!!

I spent the next few days drooling and day dreaming in Kristen’s Etsy shop. She uses a variety of vibrant colors and prints along with the cool big kid undies design. But honestly, what really sold me was the ability to remove the trainers with snaps. I’ve taken a ride on the potty training train, and boy oh boy removing wet soggy britches is not fun and can turn out to be quite messy! I am sure some of you mamas out there can relate.

Once the trainers arrived after their voyage from the True North, I gave them a good once over for craftsman ship before tossing them in the washer for a bath. (They’re made using 5 layers of organic bamboo which reaches its max absorbency after several washes) I was very impressed with Kristen’s handy work, and I am confident that her trainers would outlast my patience for PLing 10 times over. I mentioned earlier that we are just beginning stages of training, and sometimes DS is super soaking his pants, lucky for us this occurred while we were testing and I am proud to report that there were zero leaks!

There is no question where I will be purchasing my trainer stash from- Banana Bottoms. Thanks to Kristen I will be able to love all of my (new) fluff, the cute bum, and the “you use cloth trainers?!?” conversations. I also want to thank Courtney and all of you Beach Bums for having me join in the fun!

Thanks Jenelle!!

Kristen also makes the most adorable cloth diapers!

This diaper features encased elastic at the waist and at the legs, positioned to provide a natural gusseting effect to help contain messes. The dual soakers are each made with 3 layers of bamboo/organic cotton fabrics, topped with bamboo velour, and are sewn together notepad style and snap in for ease of use. This allows better cleaning and quicker drying and provides baby with 8 layers of thirsty bamboo right in the wetzone!

We can’t wait for you to visit her shop! You will LOVE it!

Bulk discounts are available too…we love deals right?


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Banana Bottoms sent Jenelle a trainer for this review. We were not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are our own.