Balance Bike Trainer Gyrowheel

I just came in from being outside where my almost seven year old can now ride a bike! This is a BIG moment in our house! He learned from a balance bike.

We have worked with him endless amount of times. What was his problem? Well, fear of course. He was so afraid to do it that he never wanted to go out and practice. Then if we did get him out there, his attitude was very bad and his mind wouldn’t be fully on the task.


Balance Bike Trainer offered to send us the Gyrowheel and I jumped at the chance. This was going to be it. He WAS going to learn!

What in the heck is a Gryowheel you ask?

a mechanized battery operated computerized wheel Gyrowheel that corrects a bikes balance by turning a gyroscope inside the wheel. The spinning gyroscope uses centrifugal force to balance the bike. The wheels has three settings depending on your child’s skill level. The result is a tire that is able to balance on its own.

We received the wheel and I was excited to get it out and start testing! O’Bear quickly hid to the other side of the house, but when Hubby came home he put it on the bike. Whoops, wrong size. (Sorry Balance Bike Trainer totally my fault!) But that didn’t stop us. We wanted to see how this thing worked.

Well, O’Bears attitude didn’t improve much. We would go out for short trips every few days. Little by little he would get better. One day, Hubby said, “I don’t know if this is working let’s put his normal wheel back on.”

So we did but O’Bear instantly complained. He could feel the difference. From that moment on ~ he had it! First five feet by himself. Then ten. Then going the whole length of the street. He was SO proud!


Balance Bike Trainer’s has a FANTASTIC website with TONS of different type of training bikes!

The other day we were out running errands and saw this Bike Trailer…what a great idea!


I found a bike for P’Diddy! The Eco-Friendly Fire Engine!

And then you can of course find your regular balance bikes…in metal…or wood…and in all kinds of fun colors & styles!


Another wonderful feature of Balance Bike Trainer is Free Shipping!

And $5 Return Shipping Insurance so you don’t have to worry if you don’t like your product. Return easily! Or if you’re like me and order the wrong size…get the next one easily! These wheels/bikes can be HEAVY so it’s the perfect solution!


Win a Gyrowheel of your own to try!

In 12″ or 16″ wheel (up to RV $135)

Good Luck!

Balance Bike Trainer sent me a Gyrowheel for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.