Baby K’Tan Carrier


I’m so happy to be showing off a carrier that I really love, but you don’t hear as much about. Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier!

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier’s unique two loop design holds infants more securely than traditional slings and is extremely easier to use than a wrap or structured front infant carrier or backpack carrier – NO WRAPPING OR BUCKLING INVOLVED ! It is easy to put on and take off.

The #1 reason why I love this carrier – NO ADJUSTING!

They come sized to mold baby into your body. Slip it on, nestle baby inside, and go! No fidgeting around getting the right fit.

Reason #2 ~ baby is cuddly close. Yes with all carriers I guess they are, but out of the four different types I own, I feel this one does the closeness job the best. It is my ‘want to put baby to sleep’ option.

Reason #3 ~ this is the best facing out carrier there is! I can not tell you how many random people will come up to me in grocery stores or wherever I’m wearing him and comment about how they love how he just “hangs” around so freely, kicking his arms and legs.

Really, he loves his K’Tan!

Baby K’Tan has a new carrier which this Beach Mama NEEDS!

The Breeze carrier has the same great double loop design as the original Baby K’tan, but is made of 50 percent breathable mesh & 50 percent soft cotton. This mesh/cotton construction reduces heat and moisture, making it more breathable and comfortable for the infant and caregiver during outdoor active use, while retaining the same stability and ease-of-use as the original.

Each loop of the Breeze Carrier is comprised of two separate halves – one half is cotton interlock while the other is a breathable mesh fabric.

In the winter, rotate the loops so that the cotton is in front, keeping baby warm and cozy.
In the summer, rotate the loops so that the mesh is in front, keeping baby cool and breezy!

I do not own or have used the Breeze, but my lucky friend has one so I have felt it. Very thin and light. PERFECT for summer time use!

Baby K'TanWin a Baby K’Tan Carrier

Good Luck!

I was not compensated in any way for the post but did receive the Baby K’Tan which even years later as I edit this post was our favorite carrier and all opinions are my own. Links are affiliate.