Review Toys will make you B. Happy!

Do you sometimes click into a website and think, “this site is SO COOL!” by just the way it looks? Well, when you visit I promise you will say that!

Not only do they do a great job at making it colorful and unique, but it is also FUN! One of the first things I did was make a B.Quote. It’s an easy five step process to design a cute quote that your children say. We have a ton of them right? You can share it with family & friends and always have the link to go back and see it!

We got to test out the COOLEST too!

Meowsic was an instant hit. Even I was extremely impressed. This kitty shaped keyboard is not only bright and cheery but it plays lots of different tunes, beats, & melodies. Our favorite feature is when it has been left alone for a few minutes you suddenly hear it purring as it turns itself off. P’Diddy can not keep his hands off it and we play with it daily.

What child doesn’t like music?

Fish & Splish was the perfect toy for this beachy family! It’s hard to see all that it comes with so be sure to click into the link but it has 13 extra pieces including a Captain, fish, an octopus comb and a whale nailbrush. The best part is all the mini parts fit inside the boat for storage!

The boys play with this toy inside the bath and out and I am sure we will be hauling to the beach with us this summer!

The Wheeee-mote Control is a B.toy that all my boys play with together. How nice! It is designed for little hands with only one button that spins and moves the car. How clever is that? The big boys control it right now as P’Diddy chases it and chases it and chases it, but he will soon be taking over since it’s so easy to use. With the flashing lights and beeps we get all the neighbors coming to see the fun!

I also love how is committed to being Green

Each box the toy comes in is pretty! They are designed to become trays to hold tiny treasures or the package is reversable to become gift wrap! How creative and useful is that?

They use recyclable materials from the clear plastics to the tie that holds the toy in place

Inks are soy based and varnishes are water based.

Be sure to click into to play around with the toys. It is so interactive that you can spin toys to view from all angles, listen to sounds, and read all the B.Quotes from other cutey little ones. Go grab your kids to look around and you will all B. Happy! 🙂 can easily be found at Target so once you’re done playing online go test them out in real life!


What kind of toys are favorites in your house?


toys sent me products for this review and links are affiliate, but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.


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  • how FUN! I was given the Fish & Splish for Christmas for A. and he definitely LOVES it! I like how you can store all the bath toys in it. I can see it being a great beach toy too!! LOVE B. Toys!

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