Anything for dads right?


It’s 11:06pm and I just finished making Hubby his Father’s Day gift. Or maybe I should say I slaved in the hot kitchen for over two hours attempting a recipe way behind my capabilities.

The idea was a good one. At my new love Pinterest I found a wonderful picture to repin of Homemade Samoas Cookies.

Hubby and I love these girl scout cookies and since moving to a new town have not found any girl scouts we know, so we have been deprived. We usually order a box for each of us and right our names on the box so we don’t steal each others! I thought what a great idea for a surprise!

I am not a cook. Ask anyone in my family. Ask my mother. She tried. I thought if I went slow and carefully read through everything that I would be fine. So what if they weren’t as pretty as the picture, I just wanted them to taste good. Well, that was an understatement.

I first burnt the caramels as they melted on the stove. I had it on medium heat! It was my favorite pot too but after scrubbing, soaking, scrubbing some more it came out ok.

Now I don’t know about you but for some reason dough does not like to roll out for me. Yes I used gallons of flour to make it not as sticky, but I was sweating by the time that part was over. Oh, and I decided half a recipe was quite enough. I was done with rolling.

Time to put the caramel mixture on the cookie. Whoops these things are delicate! I bet I had more cookies broken than whole.

Drizzle chocolate on top to finish off? Yeah right….I don’t even know HOW to drizzle and I’m sure ready to be done!

ok…promise you won’t laugh…

bah ha ha!!! ok you can laugh….toooo funny! I told you I can’t bake and I have no patience! No little round cookie cutters so squares it is and the round hole in the middle? It’s there…you just can’t see it!


Hubby knew I was working hard on something when he went to bed. He was probably a little worried hee hee. But he woke up to breakfast AND cookies in bed. A happy dad he was.

I asked him to guess what they were and first he said snickers but then he guessed right! What a guy 🙂

Happy Fathers Day Hubby! Only for you would I try to bake for!

What did you do for your hubby or dad today?


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