Ahmelie Organic Hooded Towel

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Beach Towels! Not just any beach towel, but a handmade organic hooded towel made by Ahmelie.

Ahmelie: (ah-mah-lee) Industrious One

Isn’t her name lovely? Just like her work!

Her shop was inspired from her love to sew and addiction to bright cheerful fabrics.

I agree…the prints she finds are beautiful.

Organic Hooded Towel

Organic Hooded Towel

This is an Amy Butler designer Organic Hooded Towel in Ocean print.

A towel and a washcloth sewn together to make the cutest hooded kid’s towel I have ever seen!

Organic Hooded Towel

There are many things I love about this towel…

The size…so much room to grow and treasure for many years.

Unique…one of a kind. Have you seen anything like it?

Absorbent…it is soft, but heavy enough to do its job.

Gorgeous…have you seen a prettier towel?

Handmade…with love.


Organic Hooded Towel

Shop Ahmelie.com or Ahmelie on Etsy

You will find Bags, Blankets, Swaddlers, Burp Cloths & much more!

(PS. Check out her Coffee Cuffs and Slox are on the blog too!)


WIN an Organic Hooded Towel of choice!

Good Luck!

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