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My name is Courtney and I currently work at home with my 3 cuties – C’Man, O’Bear & baby P’Diddy. I’ve been married to Chiro Hubby {at DrBrandonHeath.com} for 16 years. Each day I strive to become a more natural or Crunchy Mama by exploring through the blog lots of new ways and products focused on Healthy Living and Being Green.

I love love love the ocean and beach and considered myself very fortunate to get to live near it in South Carolina for 6 years where I started this blog, after spending most of my life in the Midwest – Iowa to be exact. Hawkeyes anyone?

In the fall of 2014 my family moved across country to live in the Denver/Boulder area and now wake up to mountain views.

Beach Mama


I’m only 5’0″

Blue is my favorite color

I am a coffee lover and have also started to experiment with tea. Yum!

I’m homeschooling my youngest for the preschool years and we will see where it leads.

Hubby is a chiropractor and when he was in school it really started our Crunchy living as we realized there is a better way to live life – more Healthy.

I really like to be crafty and my kids give me an excuse to be!

When I have free time, or when I don’t, I love to read.

Each day I need a piece of chocolate. No matter how small.

Mexican is my favorite food and I think I could eat it everyday

I hate to cook. Okay, I’m learning not to hate it and trying to become more creative!

Hubby tells me that I don’t have a sense a humor, but I think I’m very funny

Love watching musicals and listening to the soundtracks like Mamma Mia, Grease, Sound of Music

I’ve become a cloth diaper addict & advocate and thinks EVERYONE should try it

I am a greenie & trying to reduce/recycle/reuse everything in the house.

If there is a deal then I can find it

I thank God everyday for my family! Thanking God for everything should be first on this list right?