maamam aacua 4 in 1 Towel


I have a really neat product to show you today! It’s a 4 in 1 towel like you’ve never seen before! That doesn’t seem very exciting does it? Well wait until you see it!

maamam aacua 4 in 1 towel

I told you!!

The maamam aacua 100% cotton towel functions in four different fun ways…

The first for mama to wear as an apron. Some protection from those splashes!

Second as a wrap to keep baby warm after bath. How perfect is that? If only I could use this feature yet because I think it’s great for those cuddly little ones. I now have a rambunctious toddler who loves step number three.

The third feature is perfect for P’Diddy right now.  He gets out of the tub and reaches for his ‘robe’, puts his arms through, we button up the bottom and he grins! He’s soooo cute in it! You’ll see the picture below…even if he does look like a little girl in his pink trim. It’s soft and comfy and he’ll leave it on for a bit while we gather his diaper and jammies together.

With the fourth option being just a towel in general, I think that is great. It will last for many years and then can easily be passed on to the next child.


We are glad we got to try out this new 4 in 1 towel from maamam! A different color would have been nice though. They come in white or natural with trim colors of orange, green, yellow, teal, and pink.

What color would you choose?

4 in 1 Towel

Win an maamam aacua 4 in 1 towel!

Good Luck!

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