3 Things You Need to Consider When Quoting Term Life Insurance Policies

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It’s crucial to receive the life insurance coverage that is suitable for you and your family.

Quoting Term Life Insurance

When you recognize that you need life insurance, that’s a significant step towards protecting your family and loved ones. However, after you realize that you need to purchase a policy, it can become overwhelming to understand what kind of policy to buy, how much coverage you need, how long you should buy a term for, and more. Quoting term life insurance policies is one way to look at various policies from different insurance companies to find the most suitable plan for you. So, before you get started on your journey, dive into these crucial tips that you should know.

3 Tips to Consider When Quoting Term Life Insurance Policies

  1. Compare Different Plans

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Comparing and quoting term life insurance policies will allow you to understand what premium you will be paying at various life insurance carriers. In addition, you will be able to see what each life insurance company offers for you, which makes it much more reliable than blindly choosing a plan. Every company has its premium structure and pricing model because they do their best to make money off you and other policyholders. There are multiple ways to receive these life insurance quotes, but speaking to a life insurance agent and searching online for quotes are the most common.

When speaking to a life insurance agent, it’s vital to search for an independent life insurance agent. An independent agent will offer you an overview of plans from plenty of carriers instead of selling you a plan from one specific company. They are an unbiased resource and get paid by the insurance companies, so the services are free to you. They will have valuable information to ensure that you are making the right choice and protecting your family. On the other hand, online quotes are incredibly convenient because you can do everything from your home. Many websites guide you through the process of finding the most suitable and affordable quotes.

2. Decide How Much Coverage You Need

Quoting Term Life Insurance

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When searching for a life insurance policy, you’ll have to buy a specific amount of coverage. Many factors go into finding the right coverage for you, but you must take the time to go over everything that you need to cover. Not only do you need to think about how much coverage you need, but you also need to consider how much coverage you can afford. Here are the things you need to add up and think about to determine how much coverage you and your family will need.

  • How much income do I bring in to provide for the family? 
  • How many people rely on me financially?
  • Will my family use this policy to pay off my debts if I were to pass away?
  • Do I want to set aside money to pay for my children’s schooling?
  • Will my family need to hire extra help (nanny, babysitter, etc.) if I were to pass away?

3. Understand Your Options

Quoting Term Life Insurance

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Before you purchase your life insurance policy, you should understand the various types of insurance to know what fits your situation best. There is a possibility that you have life insurance through an employer, but that usually isn’t enough coverage. Because insurance is not 

one-size-fits-all, it’s difficult for an insurance plan that an employer is offering to suit every single family. So instead, your best option may be to buy your own life insurance. This is also a great option because your life insurance policy will not be tied to your employment at a particular company. 

After you choose to buy your life insurance, it’s time to research various policies. The two most common types are term life insurance and whole life insurance. 

Whole life insurance: Once a person buys a whole life insurance policy, they have the coverage for life — as long as they continue to pay the premium. In that premium, there is a cash value portion. The cash value can be saved, set aside for retirement, or used for investing.

Term life insurance: Term life insurance is much more affordable than whole life insurance because it does not have the cash value aspect. You will purchase a term policy for a specific amount of time, usually 5-30 years. Once the term expires, you can renew the policy, buy a new one, or turn it into a whole life insurance policy.

There are plenty of options when it comes to purchasing and quoting term life insurance policies. However, Fabric makes the process stress-free and straightforward so that you can spend less time researching and more time with your loved ones. With their website and app, you can plan your family’s finances from anywhere at any time. Learn more about Fabric and find a hassle-free life insurance policy that allows you to keep your family safe.

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