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Zooming Around Town in the Mazda CX-5

The first new car I ever bought myself was a Mazda. It was bright shiny red and boy I loved zooming around town in that car. It made me a Mazda fan for life since it had such pep. The only other time after that I drove a Mazda for an extended period was when we rented their minivan for a month when my kids were small. It was great too!

This past week I’ve been running my errands in the Mazda CX-5 which is a crossover SUV. It was great zooming everywhere again in a ‘smaller’ car since I have a mid-size SUV. The kids had to squeeze together again, since this style doesn’t have a third row, but a new car definitely makes them behave.

Zooming Around Town in the Mazda CX-5

What did I love about it besides the zoom zoom?

It’s cute! Sporty looking and looooove the blue.

Push of a button parking break. So easy!

Moonroof. A must!

Zooming Around Town in the Mazda CX-5

Auto lights. Never have to think about it again.

AWD. Only will buy a car with AWD in this snowy weather.

The large back cargo area was wonderful! I could fit a lot back there and if I needed even more room the back seats split and folded down.

Zooming Around Town in the Mazda CX-5

Amazing technology:

Rear view camera for backing up, bluetooth phone that display texts, GPS, huge radio selection with XM and Pandora – all used with the 7-inch touch screen display.

Blind spot light comes on in the side mirror if there was a car next to me. I think this was my favorite feature, but it also makes me nervous if people get dependent on this?

i-ActivSense that told me when I getting too close to a line when driving and Cruise Control that kept me within a certain proximity to the car in front of me. This car was smart!

I’m going to tell you that I didn’t love that first feature of the lane departure warning. Every time it would go off my kids would say something about my driving! I learned how to turn it off.

Zooming Around Town in the Mazda CX-5

I’m sure there are even more cool features that I didn’t even get to in a week. On my last day driving the car, we headed to my brother’s house to watch a football game and a few minutes later his good friend pulls up in a new Mazda CX-5 that she just bought a few months ago and LOVES! I thought that was fun and wish I would have gotten a picture of both cars together.

Yes driving really does matter!

Check out the Mazda CX-5 for zooming around town.

Zooming Around Town in the Mazda CX-5

I partnered with DriveShop for this post to test out the new Mazda CX-5 Zooming Around Town. All opinions are definitely my own.

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