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Teaching Your Kids to Be Green

Hidden from plain view behind the old horse barn is a wonderful, colorful garden.

Why, it’s an edible farm! It has flowers, plants, and veggies that grow to one’s delight.

And if you listen carefully you can hear them GIGGLE at night!


~ Go Green and GIGGLE! with Sunflower Suzi Book

I’m one of those people who wishes she had a garden. I can not make anything grow. I plant flowers in window boxes and pots every year, but I am lucky if they grow and survive like I want them to. I don’t know what my deal is!


I do know that my boys love planting them with me and of course their favorite part is to water! Gosh, I don’t know how many water fights they have gotten into during this daily chore.


I have found a fun activity that we can do indoors which is great for this time of year! It is made for kids which means the instructions are very simple (thank you!) and at the same time fun ~ it made us giggle! 🙂

We received a Sunflower Kit from the The Gigglin Garden Gang. It contained a lot of great things!


A storybook that definitely made us giggle with it’s jokes –

Why did the daisy blush when she opened the refrigerator?

Because she saw the salad dressing! 🙂


A CD that everyone danced too!


Our sunflower kit which contained seeds, soil, and a container to help them start growing.


And a cute bag to carry everything in.


We were all excited to get started with our seeds!

My favorite part, besides it all being so EASY and Mess Free to plant, was that all of my boys, big and small got involved!


The soil packets were ready ~ all we had to do was add water. Then push down a seed inside!


Even P’Diddy’s little hands joined in!

Can not wait to see the beautiful Sunflowers that our seeds will turn into to!


Will I turn into a green thumb yet?


Visit our photo story to see the whole progress and all the fun we had!


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and all opinions are my own.


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  • This looks like a lot of fun. I love gardens. I always have a lot of good ideas and intentions... but in the end, I just get tired and grossed out by bugs and hubby does a lot of the work. He LOVES it though and I LOVE the results! Houseplants? forget it - I keep forgetting to water them!
  • My son always loves to help me garden so I really appreciate that this kit can be used off season to keep the green fun going! Thanks for sharing :)

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