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Welcome to my blog! Thanks for checking me out!

I am a crunchy (definition here) mama blog who loves promoting products that I love.

And I think I’m quite good at it! 🙂

Do you have a product that fits into the theme of my blog? I’m always looking for new organic, green, eco-friendly & kid/family products! We are a family with 3 boys and living naturally is what we strive to do daily.


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Here are my ‘Rules’ ~ hee hee 🙂


How My Product Reviews Work

~ Please send me full sized product at your expense that I can use and enjoy for a period of time. Many times I ask for payment (or maybe product valued at) $175+. No matter what, I’m always willing to hear details on partnering up.

~ In turn I will write a blog post chatting about your product including a link to your product/company.

~ If for some reason your product does not fit up to my standards once I have used it then I will contact you before I write the post.

~ I strive to make my posts as personal as possible so you will see myself or my family using your product and our reactions to it.

~ Once the post is live on the blog I will send you a link for your review

~ Will I review a product or website that I have already used or experienced? Maybe with a giveaway and/or a paid fee.

~ In truth I like to call my reviews ~ ‘Features’. My posts are simple, fun, and easy to read. If you’re looking for a long drawn out product review, then I am probably not the right girl.


Why You Should Give Away Your Product

~ Number one reason is because I can promote you in so many places! LOTS more people will see your name and product including people who find me that are not blog followers. This is because I can advertise for you everywhere!

~ I can increase your following! Want more Facebook fans? I can get them for you. I will not ask a reader to comment on your Wall though as that is against Facebook violations. Need more Twitter followers or people signing up for you newsletter? Done!

~ I reserve the right to do giveaway entries as I see fit. You can suggest to me what options you would like but I will ultimately decide how they will be done. And no you can’t have emails or Rafflecopter entries from my followers.

~I ask that the giveaways are worth $50 (I may negotiate) and we can do this with multiple winners too which brings in more people.

~ Once the giveaway is over I will use a wordpress plug-in or rafflecopter to choose a winner. I will then email the winner’s address to you for you to ship out their prize in a timely manner.

~ Will I do a giveaway without reviewing a product? Yes for a paid fee.

To read previous giveaways I have written please click on Reviews or Giveaways in my Categories widget on my right sidebar. This will give you a feel on how I write and run them. I call them ‘Features’ more than reviews as I like to show you off in the simplest ways.

Giveaways are FUN for me, you, and definitely my BeachBums! 🙂


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