Bona Dea ~ for Natural Fertility & more ~ 2 Winner Giveaway

I hope this post is just the answer many of you are looking for. Do you have a story similar to this? My wife had NO issues with our first, when we wanted a second child it took nearly a full year of planning, temperature taking and finally a round of clomid before we were […]

Whole Foods celebrating Pregnancy Awareness Month $20 Giveaway

Whole Foods is my number one spot to grab my body/bath/kid products. They have a great department with many awesome organic and natural brands to choose from. If you’ve been hanging around lately, we’ve been talking homeopathy, and Whole Foods is a wonderful place to check things out. This summer is important for stocking up […]

Cut Out the Fluoride withTheraNeem Naturals Tooth & Gum Power

I remember our first pediatrician back home fondly. Maybe because he was MY doctor when I was little and I thought it was awesome that I now visited him with my own child. He had the doctor look ~ his spectacles hanging over his nose as he talked with me and the bowtie neatly sitting at […]