Papa Murphy Mini Murphs for the Kids

It’s Friday. That means it’s Family Movie Night and Papa Murphy’s Pizza at our house. I love Friday nights as we all look forward to some family fun! Today we are trying out the Papa Murphy Mini Murphs for the kids!

Do you have a Papa Murhpy’s near you? A great Take-N-Bake pizza joint. You can call ahead to put your order in and run in to pick up. Take it home and store in the fridge until it’s time for dinner. Updated to add you can also order online now!

Last Friday Night I surprised the boys! I went to Target earlier in the week to grab a couple of supplies to have our very own Monster Party! It was going to be a night of making monster masks, watching Monsters Inc, and baking their very own Mini Murphs!

Papa Murphy Mini Murphs

Papa Murphy Mini Murphs

Papa Murphy Mini Murphs are individual pizzas just for the kids to create their very own!

Each kit comes with dough, sauce, Mozzerella, and pepperoni if you wish. Plus the tray to bake it in!

First, we put together our masks…

Papa Murphy Mini Murphs

then the yummy pizza…

Papa Murphy Mini Murphs

Toss the dough, spread on sauce, sprinkle cheese, and make smileys with the pepperoni!

The pizza came out perfect and they were YUM!

Papa Murphy Mini Murphs

Since the kids were busy chowing down on their own pizzas it gave Hubby and I a chance to eat some of our own favorite Papa Murphy’s Pizzas…

I love Herb Chicken Mediterranean deLITE (the thin crispy crust)

and for dessert…S’mores pizza…so ooohey gooey good!


The Mini Murphs are loads of fun and perfect for your next celebration!

Birthday parties, sleepovers, or just Friday night hang-outs, the kids will have a blast creating their own mini masterpieces.

Check to see if there is a Papa Murphy’s near you!

Visit my Papa Murphy’s Taco Pizza post – soooo yum!


2 Winners!

$15 Papa Murphy’s Gift Card

$15 Target Gift Card

(to get decorations, prizes, etc. for your next celebration)

Pizza Paddle & Pizza Cutter


Good Luck!
I received these products for review and all opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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  1. Shawna Johnsen says:

    hahaha whoops Papa Murphy’s!!! I’ve been on the Daniel fast too long! 😉 Pizza!!!!!!!!!

  2. It is my face place ! Love it

  3. I had it once and it was pretty good.
    Yona would love for you to read..Lean Pockets Pretzel Bread – Spinach & Three CheeseMy Profile

  4. I LOVE Papa Murphys! It’s my preferred pizza!
    Lana Bradstream would love for you to read..Main Course Thursday (on Friday) *GREEK PASTA SHRIMP BAKE*My Profile

  5. Yes, I’m a big fan!

  6. one of my fav places. would celebrate one of kids upcoming birthdya

    brich22 at earthlink dot net